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Polaris Ranger UTVs

Polaris Ranger UTV EMS & Fire Skids

KIMTEK crafts elite UTV rescue skids perfect for the Polaris Ranger series, a dependable vehicle. Dreaming of a tailored UTV rescue vehicle? We collaborate with …

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John Deere UTVs

John Deere Rescue Gator™ UTV EMS & Fire Skids

KIMTEK CORPORATION, in Orleans, VT, prides itself on building the best UTV rescue skids for models like the John Deere Gator UTV. While we don’t …

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Kubota UTVs

Kubota RTV, UTV EMS & Fire Skids

Kubota RTV UTV is a popular choice for many of our Medical, Law Enforcement, & Fire professionals. Our UTV guide is for educational information for …

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Kawasaki UTV

Kawasaki Mule UTV EMS & Fire Skids

The Kawasaki Mule UTV is known for its ruggedness and dependability, which makes it a perfect candidate for fitting with one of our fire or …

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Gravely UTV

Gravely Atlas UTV EMS & Fire Skids

The Gravely Atlas UTV is a modern beast of burden that can go nearly anywhere, especially so with a KIMTEK CORPORATION UTV skid attachment. Its …

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Mahindra XTVs

Mahindra mPACT XTVs EMS & Fire Skids

Here at KIMTEK CORPORATION, we know that selecting a UTV can be difficult, and that is why we want to provide some information for you …

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Able FRVs

ABLE™ EMSo and FRV EMS & Fire Skids

ABLE™ EMSo UTV is a state-of-the-art electric vehicle our UTV guide is for educational information for customers who have not purchased a UTV already. We do …

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General UTVs

General UTVs For EMS & Fire Skids

Looking to buy a UTV but don’t know where to start? KIMTEK CORPORATION is here to help. We are not a dealership, but we can …

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