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LEOLITE Law Enforcement Skids

Discover our LEOLITE® Transport: expertly crafted police side-by-side skids, transforming UTVs and ATVs into Tactical Personnel Carriers for law enforcement, military, and security operations. LEOLITE® excels in:

  • Prisoner Tracking
  • Body Recovery
  • Trail, Beach, & Border Patrol Missions

LEOLITE Transport – Two Seats

Model: LEO-501
Base Price: $4,450.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-501 is designed to carry two officers on two seats with seat belts. The two seats are…


LEOLITE Transport – Seat With K9

Model: LEO-502
Base Price: $4,825.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-502 is designed to carry one law enforcement officer on a seat with seat belt and one…


LEOLITE Transport – Seat With Patient Carry

Model: LEO-503
Base Price: $4,500.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-503 is designed to carry one officer and one cadaver or patient. The seat and cadaver/patient carry…


LEOLITE Transport – Two K9

Model: LEO-504
Base Price: $5,200.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-504 is designed to carry two K9 officers in two carriers. The carriers are locked in and…


LEOLITE Transport – Patient Carry With K9

Model: LEO-505
Base Price: $4,875.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-505 is designed to carry one K9 officer in a carrier and a cadaver or patient on…

LEOLITE™ Transport – Tactical Personnel Carrier – Patent Pending

Experience the future of law enforcement mobility with our LEOLITE™ Transport skid units. Crafted with a robust aluminum diamond plate chassis and stainless steel, these skids transform your UTV into a rustproof, affordable, and high-performance police side-by-side patrol vehicle.

Swift Transformations

The KIMTEK CORPORATION’s patent-pending LEOLITE™ Transport easily mounts onto most large UTV side-by-side chassis, turning them into compact patrol hubs, ready to transport officers or K9 units.

Purpose-Built For Enforcement

Tailored specifically for law enforcement, the LEOLITE™ Transport excels in diverse scenarios, from urban crowd control and search-and-rescue to wildland operations and UTV K9 patrols. Safely and efficiently navigate officers into challenging areas.

Configurations for Every Scenario

Adaptable in real-time, this skid unit’s quick configurations can accommodate:

  • Two Officers
  • An Officer & Their K9
  • Two K9 Units

Enhanced by a lockable storage box, you’re always prepared for the mission, ensuring secure weapons and ammunition storage.

Versatile Attachments

  • Dual Seats With Seat Belts
  • K9 Transports
  • Patient Carriers
  • Ammunition Storage Boxes

Patrol Elevated

As UTV trails expand and municipalities increasingly integrate UTVs on primary roads, the LEOLITE™ Transport is an unparalleled asset for off-road and urban policing.

Who Benefits from a LEOLITE™ Transport Skid?

Perfect for a broad spectrum of law enforcement sectors, including:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Prisoner Tracking
  • Beach & Trail Patrols
  • Sporting Venues & Crowd Control
  • National & State Police
  • FBI & Border Patrol
  • …and countless more!
The LEOLITE™ goes where you need to go! For safety reasons, before buying your new UTV chassis, please call us first. We are here to help.
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