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LEOLITE Law Enforcement Skids

Discover our LEOLITE® Transport Skids: expertly crafted police skids that transform UTVs and ATVs into Tactical Personnel Carriers for police, military, and security operations.

  • Prisoner Tracking
  • Body Recovery
  • Trail, Beach, & Border Patrol Missions

Expand your mobility and preparedness with these solutions so your police and military ATVs and UTVs are ready to face the challenges of your day.


LEOLITE Transport – Two Seats

Model: LEO-501
Base Price: $4,450.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-501 is designed to carry two officers on two seats with seat belts. The two seats are…


LEOLITE Transport – Seat With K9

Model: LEO-502
Base Price: $4,825.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-502 is designed to carry one law enforcement officer on a seat with seat belt and one…


LEOLITE Transport – Seat With Patient Carry

Model: LEO-503
Base Price: $4,500.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-503 is designed to carry one officer and one cadaver or patient. The seat and cadaver/patient carry…


LEOLITE Transport – Two K9

Model: LEO-504
Base Price: $5,200.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-504 is designed to carry two K9 officers in two carriers. The carriers are locked in and…


LEOLITE Transport – Patient Carry With K9

Model: LEO-505
Base Price: $4,875.00

The LEOLITE® Transport LEO-505 is designed to carry one K9 officer in a carrier and a cadaver or patient on…

LEOLITE™ Transport – Tactical Personnel Carrier – Patent Pending

Experience the future of law enforcement and military mobility with our LEOLITE™ Transport skid units. Crafted with a robust aluminum diamond plate chassis and stainless steel, these skids transform your police ATV or UTV into a rustproof, affordable, high-performance police and military side-by-side patrol vehicle.

Boost Military UTV Performance with Tough LEOLITE™ Skids

Military UTVs & ATVs demand robust protection to tackle challenging terrains during security patrols. Easy to install, these skid plates provide optimal coverage without compromising the agility of your military UTV, making them a strategic investment for enhanced performance and durability in the field.

Swift Transformations For Critical Response

The KIMTEK CORPORATION’s patent-pending LEOLITE™ Transport easily mounts onto most large UTV side-by-side chassis, turning them into compact patrol hubs, ready to transport officers or K9 units.

Purpose-Built For Military & Police

Tailored specifically for military and law enforcement, the LEOLITE™ Transport excels in diverse scenarios, from urban crowd control and search-and-rescue to wildland operations and UTV K9 patrols. Safely and efficiently navigate personnel into challenging areas.

Real-Time Adaptations

Adaptable in real-time, this police side-by-side skid unit’s quick configurations can accommodate:

  • Two Officers
  • An Officer & Their K9
  • Two K9 Units

Enhanced by a lockable storage box, you’re always prepared for the mission, ensuring secure weapons and ammunition storage.

Versatile Side-By-Side Units

  • Dual Seats With Seat Belts
  • K9 Transports
  • Patient Carriers
  • Ammunition Storage Boxes

Security UTV Skids = Elevated Patrols

As ATV trails expand and municipalities increasingly integrate UTVs on primary roads, the LEOLITE™ Transport is an unparalleled asset for off-road and urban policing and military law enforcement.

Who Benefits from a LEOLITE™ Transport Skid?

  • Search & Rescue
  • Prisoner Tracking
  • Beach & Trail Patrols
  • Sporting Venues & Crowd Control
  • National & State Police
  • FBI & Border Patrol
  • Military Police
  • Special Forces Units

Equip Police ATV & Military UTV Vehicles

The LEOLITE™ goes where you need to go. KIMTEK is here to help you get the perfect fit for your UTV. Call us today to get started making your military or police force able to handle anything the job throws at them.

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