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Fire Fighting Skids

KIMTEK FIRELITE® Transport skid units will allow your ATV/UTV utility vehicles to become small but powerful fire trucks. These rugged fire units are space-saving but capable, transforming your ATV into a fire rescue ATV. Our firefighting skid options will bring new mobility to your firefighting solutions with the features listed below.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass Valves In The Pump
  • Ample Hose Storage
  • Stainless Steel Grab Bars

Call us to discuss which of our many options can benefit you most.

Firelite FP-201

FIRELITE® Transport Pacer

Model: FP-201
Base Price: $5,200.00

Entry Level – Low Pressure – High Volume The FIRELITE® Transport Pacer is our entry-level firefighting skid unit for UTVs….

Firelite FD-202

FIRELITE® Transport Darley

Model: FD-202
Base Price: $6,250.00

Rugged & Dependable The FIRELITE® Transport FD-202 is one a popular option for a fire rescue skid unit for UTVs….

Firelite FDH-203

FIRELITE® Transport Deluxe

Model: FDH-203
Base Price: $7,250.00

Quality Design & Premium Features The FIRELITE® Transport Deluxe is one of our best-selling fire rescue skid units for UTVs….

FireLite FST-204

FIRELITE® Transport Supermax

Model: FST-204
Base Price: $7,950.00

Delivering substantial water in a compact package The FIRELITE® Transport Supermax is one of our largest UTV skid units, offering…

Firelite FHR-205

FIRELITE® Rear Hannay Reel

Model: FHR-205
Base Price: $7,250.00

Answering agency calls for rear-winding reel The FIRELITE® FHR-205  showcases some of our finest components in a package ideal for…

Firelite FCW-206

FIRELITE® Compact Wildfire Skid Unit

Model: FCW-206
Base Price: $6,450.00

Ultra-compact & powerful quick attack fire skid The FIRELITE® Compact Wildfire FCW-206 is one of our best-selling fire rescue skid…


FIRELITE® Transport Mercedes

Model: FM-207
Base Price: $6,000.00

Removable pump ideal for remote forest fires The FIRELITE® Transport FM-207 offers a removable Mercedes Wick-100 pump, ideal for remote…


FIRELITE® Transport Mercedes Hannay

Model: FMH-208
Base Price: $7,100.00

A forestry favorite – removable pump The FIRELITE® Transport FMH-208 offers a removable Mercedes Wick-100 pump and full ‘pump and…

Firelite FCAT-209

FIRELITE® Ultra High Pressure

Model: FCAT-209
Base Price: $8,900.00

Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) CAT Pump The FIRELITE® FCAT-209 FIRELITE slip-on/skid unit also includes a CAT dual-strike UHP nozzle that delivers…


FIRELITE® Ultra High Pressure – 85 Gallons

Model: FCAT-209-85
Base Price: $9,450.00

Delivering substantial water in an UHP package The FIRELITE® FCAT-209-85 is our largest UHP UTV skid unit, offering an impressive…

Emergency Fire Rescue and Compact Wildfire Slide In Skid Units

Built to last, our line of FIRELITE® skid units is made for budget-minded departments. These capable, no-nonsense skid-mounted fire fighting units will do the job for wildland fires. They are low profile, and many models also offer rescue capability. Many options are now available! Call for details.

Weight and height vary according to the skid unit. Some rescue UTV models do not have the proper weight-carrying capacity in the cargo bed area. For safety reasons, before buying your new fire department UTV, please call us first. We are here to help.

KIMTEK offers a series of FIRELITE® skid units to meet every budget and a wide array of fire suppression capabilities. These compact UTV carts with the skid-mounted FIRELITE® allow for tight maneuvering in urban settings and a rugged design for use in remote locations that require a quick response. The FIRELITE® will surely fulfill your off-road brush fire apparatus needs.

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