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Fire & EMS Grants

We’ve put together this resource of fire and EMS grants for the convenience of fire departments, emergency medical services, and rescue organizations seeking financial support to enhance operational capabilities. Navigate through grants from federal, state, and private sources tailored to meet the needs of first responders. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade equipment, invest in training, or acquire sophisticated UTV rescue skids for your fleet, our directory connects you with a variety of grant opportunities.

Start exploring funding options today to empower your team with the tools and training necessary to save lives and protect your community.

Listed below are organizations offering Fire or EMS Grants. Please visit the sites for more information. – Your Resource for EMS, Ambulance and Paramedic Grants

FEMA / USFA — AFG Program

USDA / US Forest Service

USDOI / Bureau of Land Management

Florida Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (Note: All FireLite inserts carry a stretcher.)

Florida State Parks

Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services — Division of Forestry

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection — Recreational Trails Program

State Farm Safe Neighbors Grants

Polaris “T.R.A.I.L.S.” Grant Program

Florida Power & Light “Community Donations” Program

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation

Gary Sinise Foundation

A great website to begin searching for all fire service grants is:

Volunteers, check out: – Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants

Volunteer Fire Assistance Program

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