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MEDLITE Medical Rescue Skids

MEDLITE® rescue skids can be mounted on most large ATV & UTV side-by-side chassis. They are excellent tools for off-road accidents, search and rescue activities, or snowmobile accidents. The EMS options are the ideal conveyance to remove injured players from playing fields. We have several options available. All of our medical skids are capable of carrying an EMS longboard or stretcher. With all-aluminum tubing and a diamond plate chassis, your MEDLITE® equipment is designed to last.

Medlite MTB-101

MEDLITE® Transport Basic

Model: MTB-101
Base Price: $2,950.00

Entry Level- Basic Needs – Low Volume The MEDLITE® Transport Basic is our entry level, no nonsense patient transport for…

Medlite MTS-102

MEDLITE® Transport Standard

Model: MTS-102
Base Price: $3,350.00

The MEDLITE® Transport (MTS-102) is designed to carry one patient, one EMS attendant and assorted emergency gear. The long board is…

Medlite MTD-103

MEDLITE® Transport Deluxe

Model: MTD-103
Base Price: $3,750.00

Deluxe Level – Storage Box – Slide Out Tray -Medium/High Volume The MEDLITE® Transport Deluxe is our best-selling medical rescue…

Medlite MTSTR-104

MEDLITE® Transport Cot Unit

Model: MTSTR-104
Base Price: $3,950.00

Wheeled Cot/Gurney Transport Capable – Medium/High Volume The MEDLITE® Transport Cot Unit is our rugged answer to carrying a patient…

Medlite MCI-106

MEDLITE® Multiple Transport

Model: MCI-106
Base Price: $3,900.00

MCI Multiple Transport – High Volume Per Incident The MEDLITE® Multiple Transport is our answer to carrying two patients at…

Slide-In Emergency Medical Rescue Skid Units

The KIMTEK line of MEDLITE® Transport skid units for ATVs and UTVs are made for budget-minded departments. These capable, no-nonsense rugged skid units are built to last. Designed for off-road rescue and large event patient transport, the MEDLITE is universal in nature and can be mounted on most of the large UTV side-by-side vehicles on the market today.

These UTV and ATV rescue vehicles are built to get the job done and are low profile and lightweight. The MEDLITE is the best-selling medical transport slip-on skid unit for UTVs and ATVs in the world.

Emergency ATV/UTV Ambulance

The KIMTEK MEDLITE® Transport allows side-by-side ATVs and UTVs to essentially become mini ambulances for off-road or tight space rescues where full-sized ambulances can’t go. KIMTEK offers a series of MEDLITE Transports to meet every budget and medical response mission.

The Medical Gear You Need

They all can carry an EMS longboard, a stretcher stokes basket, or a full-size wheeled ambulance cot. Outfit your emergency responders with the best medical rescue skids available.

Off-Road & In The Wilderness

The MEDLITE is also perfect for your next S.A.R. (Search & Rescue) emergency. Having a MEDLITE® Transport on a UTV will really take your off-road rescue capabilities to a whole new level.

Who Uses Our Medical Rescue Skid Units?

  • Fire Departments and EMS agencies utilize MEDLITE for off-road rescues and search and rescue operations.
  • You will also find the MEDLITE at county fairs, stadiums, parades, concerts, and other large-crowd events.
  • They can be found in snowy regions for snowmobile accidents, icy off-road accidents, and cold-weather hotels and resorts.
  • Look for them at lifeguard operations at the beach.
  • Industrial plants, oil refineries, mining operations, and large construction projects have MEDLITE on hand for any unexpected emergency that may arise.
  • Ski areas, State, Federal, and National Park Services, and OHV off-road parks find the MEDLITE Transport to be very helpful in challenging terrain.
  • Rails for trails programs across the country purchase the MEDLITE for easy access to people who have been injured and need quick transport to a waiting ambulance.
  • Colleges, universities, and high schools are now turning to the MEDLITE to transport injured players off the field. Being on a UTV, they do not damage the sod portion of the playing field as a large ambulance does, but all the while professionally transporting the patient to the waiting ambulance off the field.
  • Hospitals and air medical operations utilize MEDLITE Transport to ferry patients from the helipad to the ER.

For safety reasons, before buying your new UTV or ATV, please call us first, we are here to help.

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