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We help first responders stay up-to-date with industry news that will guide you on your mission to save lives. Research, resources, advice, our stories, and articles from the web… we aim to be an experienced resource for many years to come.

Firefighting UTV in front of partially demolished building.

5 Tips For Fighting Fires At Industrial Sites

Industrial sites, with their large industrial buildings and concentrated activity, present unique challenges when it comes to fire safety. At Kimtek Corporation, we understand the ...
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Medical UTV with large crowd of people taking a patient for care.

Large Crowd Safety & Medical Tips for First Responders

When you’re a first responder who deals with public safety and emergency response, managing the complexities of large crowd scenarios is important. Kimtek Corporation understands ...
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Can-Am Defender Max Tracks

Can-Am Defender Series UTV Is An Excellent Platform For First Responder Agencies

Every week, a KIMTEK manufactured MEDLITE or FIRELITE Transport for UTVs is shipped destined for a first responder agency that wants to take their Can-Am ...
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An EMS UTV with a fully equipped skid unit on it.

5 Things To Consider When Purchasing An EMS Skid

If you’re a first responder or involved in emergency services in the United States, you understand the profound importance of an EMS skid. Choosing the ...
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A UTV that has been fitted to assist law enforcement officers to patrol beyond the streets.

How Law Enforcement Officers Use ATVs & UTVs To Patrol Beyond The Street

Thanks to technological advancements over the past few years, the face of law enforcement has changed drastically. One such remarkable development is the use of ...
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A UTV equipped with a skid unit responding to an emergency in a snowstorm.

Comparing UTVs & ATVs In Cold Weather Medical Responses

Dealing with medical emergencies doesn’t automatically cease when temperatures plummet. Whether it’s a national park or a remote area, winter weather can make emergency medical ...
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A UTV equipped to respond to a medical emergency is at a busy ski resort.

Uses Of UTVs & ATVs In Emergency Medical Response At Ski Resorts

All-terrain and utility task vehicles (ATVs and UTVs) hold a unique position in the world of emergency medical services (EMS) at ski resorts. These power-driven ...
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Casualty Evacuation UTV Skids

Casualty Evacuation UTV Skids

Casualty evacuation UTV skids play a significant role in medical rescue tactics, especially in conditions where emergency medical response needs to be swift and efficient. ...
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A carefully prepared UTV with a skid designed for transferring personnel and equipment to emergencies.

Preparing Skids For Personnel & Equipment Transport

In emergency response and rescue operations, the ability to efficiently transport personnel and equipment is extremely important. Utilizing utility task vehicles (UTV) skids effectively enhances ...
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A UTV With A Skid Prepared To Fight Fires In A Remote Region

UTV vs. ATV: Which Is Better For Emergency Response?

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)—both equipped with skids—are quintessential vehicles used in the arena of emergency response. While both are great options, ...
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A UTV Skid In A Warehouse Prepared To Fight Fires

Firefighting In Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Fighting fires in warehouses and distribution centers requires unparalleled expertise, competency in using sophisticated equipment, and sturdy, reliable rescue aids such as UTV skids. UTV ...
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UTVs Customized For Theme Park Management Waiting Outside An Attraction

Theme Parks Management

UTV skids simplify theme park management by equipping grounds crews with various maintenance tasks and emergencies. Amusement parks are places of fun, excitement, and adventure. ...
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A Search And Rescue UTV Skid That Is Set Up For Snowy Regions

UTV & ATV Skids For Snowy Regions

When time is of the essence, UTV skids are indispensable tools for search and rescue teams in snowy regions. The serene beauty of the snow ...
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UTV Skids Revolutionize Waste Management

How UTV Skids Can Revolutionize Waste Management

When it comes to handling waste management, preparation is key to stopping disaster in its tracks Whether transporting protective gear, emergency response equipment, or essential ...
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Uses For UTV Skids On The Ranch

10 Uses For UTV Skids On The Ranch

In farming and ranching, efficiency is the key to success. That’s where UTVs equipped with skids come into play. These versatile vehicles, often referred to ...
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Maximize School Student Safety With UTV Skids

Maximize School & Student Safety With UTV Skids

Ensure your school patrols have everything they need to maximize student and staff safety this year. Educational campuses, from K12 to high schools to universities, ...
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Equipping A Skid For UTV Trail Patrol

Equipping A Skid For UTV Trail Patrol

Whether for rangers, volunteers, or emergency medical teams, equipping your UTV skids for trail patrol is crucial to keeping well-maintained and secure natural environments. Effective ...
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Trail Park Patrol

Trail & Park Patrol

Trail and park patrol require careful planning and equipped resources to ensure the safety and well-being of park rangers and visitors. UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) ...
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Revolutionize Your Vineyard Care

Revolutionize Your Vineyard Care: Unleash The Power Of UTV Skids

Vineyard care is a delicate and demanding task. You require the right tools to not only ensure a successful harvest but also protect groundskeepers, visitors, ...
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Skid For Athletic Field Maintenance

Equip Your Skid For Athletic Field Maintenance

Keep things fun on your sports fields without unnecessary hassle and hard work. Whether it’s a baseball, soccer, lacrosse, or football arena – proper upkeep ...
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Environmental Cleanup With UTV Skids

Environmental Cleanup Made Easy With UTV Skids

Preparation can mean the difference between a costly environmental disaster and an effective response. UTV skids, like Kimtek Corporation’s MEDLITE medical rescue and FIRELITE firefighting ...
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What To Look For When Purchasing UTV Skids

What To Look For When Purchasing UTV Skids

UTV skids mount on the cargo bed of a utility terrain vehicle (UTV), aiding rescue workers, firefighters, law enforcement, and other first responders. They enable ...
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Boost National Guard Disaster Response

Boost National Guard Disaster Response With UTV Skids

The National Guard plays a vital role in assisting with disaster response situations ranging from natural to human-induced incidences. The National Guard works with several ...
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Enhance Safety at Your Construction Site

How to Enhance Safety at Your Construction Site

Construction sites are fraught with potential hazards. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction site injuries, along with transportation and material moving occupations, ...
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