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What To Look For When Purchasing UTV Skids

What To Look For When Purchasing UTV Skids

UTV skids mount on the cargo bed of a utility terrain vehicle (UTV), aiding rescue workers, firefighters, law enforcement, and other first responders. They enable access to remote areas and navigate rough terrain that conventional vehicles cannot handle.

You can enhance your emergency equipment with features adapted to specific scenarios. KIMTEK offers durable, customizable skids to savvy consumers looking for all-around performance and versatility.

What Factors Matter Most When Purchasing A UTV Skid?

When choosing a UTV skid for emergency services, there are several important features to consider, including the following:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Capacity
  • Compatibility
  • Accessibility To Emergency Personnel
  • Durability
  • Customization Options

Every Pound Matters In An Emergency

How much cargo are you hauling in and out during an emergency or routine trip? You want to know the cargo bed capacity down to the last ounce when comparing different models. (This is different than the payload capacity of your UTV.) Your organization will need to consider the mission before making a final selection, as follows:

Capacity Suited To Vehicles Of Various Widths

How well will the UTV skids fit vehicles of various widths, and what’s the unobstructed capacity of the cargo bed? Our company skids are 48 inches wide on standard models, but we can create custom builds. You’ll find our skids in service in every branch of the U.S. Military, and we give each order the attention to detail it deserves.

Compatibility For Your Industry

The capacity of the UTV skid determines how much equipment it can carry. Ensuring the skid is compatible with the UTV being used is crucial. Some of our models fit standard side-by-side on the market, while others are customized for specific uses. You can find our models in many industries:

  • Fire Departments, EMS Agencies, & Police Departments
  • NASCAR Tracks, Equestrian Facilities, & NFL Stadiums
  • Mining Operations & Beaches
  • School Systems & Other Organizations

Accessibility In Emergency Situations

Consider how fast emergency personnel can access equipment. Our UTV skids are built with emergency personnel in mind. The aircraft-quality construction and bulletproof metal chassis ensure that emergency responders can access equipment, even under duress. With over 30 models available for UTVs and pickup trucks, you can choose a skid specifically suited to the following categories:

  • Medical
  • Fire/Rescue
  • Law Enforcement

Durability: Is It Built To Last?

Durability is an important consideration when you use your UTV skid in tough conditions. Our emergency service skids feature riveted panels built by American master craftsmen in Vermont.

Customization For Your Needs

What options can you customize for your needs? You may need specific water tanks, hoses, pumps, nozzles, and reels. You can add customized lights, sirens, radios, cameras, and other accessories.


KIMTEK is an industry leader that delivers high-quality UTV skids. Most of our experienced sales team, techs, and designers are former firefighters and EMTs. With 24/7 emergency support and excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale, we are the obvious choice for many customers. Contact us today to learn more about how our UTV skids can work for you.

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