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Maximize School & Student Safety With UTV Skids

Maximize School Student Safety With UTV Skids

Ensure your school patrols have everything they need to maximize student and staff safety this year. Educational campuses, from K12 to high schools to universities, each have unique safety preparation needs.

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) equipped with versatile skids from KIMTEK Corporation have emerged as an effective strategy to address various safety scenarios that groundskeepers and guards may encounter.

Equipping UTVs For Campus Safety

You never know what you’ll encounter during campus patrols or regular maintenance. Safety concerns on educational campuses can vary widely, and UTV skids offer a flexible solution. You can adopt a few strategies for equipping for patrol that apply to many scenarios.

  • Emergency Response Skid: This unit should cater to medical situations—stock first aid kits, medical supplies, and hydration solutions to promptly address dehydration or minor injuries. Our MEDLITE units can also be equipped to carry stretchers.
  • Maintenance Skid: Equip another unit with tools for basic maintenance tasks. Tools like wrenches, flashlights, bulbs, and safety cones can tackle plumbing issues, lighting malfunctions, and walkway hazards.
  • Wildlife Management Skid: Animal control scenarios like snake removal or pest control require specialized equipment. Outfit this UTV with protective gear, traps, and containers to remove animals safely. Our LEOLITE units can be outfitted with K9 crates for patrols, where a canine companion can supply an extra line of caution or defense.

Preparing Your Campus Patrol To Use UTVs

Besides ensuring you have what you need on hand, campus patrols and groundskeepers must be trained and outfitted to use UTVs effectively. Keeping an eye on inventory, maintenance, and chains of communication helps you get the most out of your patrol skid units.

  • Comprehensive Training: Ensure that groundskeepers and guards operating the UTV are trained in first aid, equipment usage, and wildlife handling.
  • Communication Equipment / Radios: Equip UTV skids for school patrol with reliable communication devices to maintain constant contact between patrols and the campus security office.
  • Updated Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contacts, including medical facilities, campus security, and local authorities, within the skids for quick reference.
  • Regular Equipment Inspections: Regularly inspect UTV skids, ensuring that all tools, equipment, and supplies are in optimal condition.

Enhance Student Safety With UTV Skids

KIMTEK Corporation UTV skids offer an innovative solution to enhance safety on educational campuses. Equipping UTVs with purpose-built skids for medical emergencies, maintenance issues, and wildlife control ensures that groundskeepers and guards are well-prepared to handle a range of safety scenarios. Contact us today to place your order or find out how we can outfit a skid to create a safer and more secure environment for your campus’s students, staff, and visitors.

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