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5 Things To Consider When Purchasing An EMS Skid

An EMS UTV with a fully equipped skid unit on it.

If you’re a first responder or involved in emergency services in the United States, you understand the profound importance of an EMS skid. Choosing the right skid unit is paramount to mounting rescue missions successfully where road conditions are unpredictable, and accessibility might be limited. In these instances, attention to durability, ergonomics, and overall design become more than buzzwords; they are lifelines to those in need.

1. Why Durability & Environmental Adaptability Matters

When investing in an EMS skid unit, durability should be non-negotiable. A sturdy skid, with a quality construction like a diamond-plate chassis, ensures it will withstand tough climate conditions and stay standing strong after frequent use.

Weather Resistance

A key characteristic to consider is weather resistance. EMS skids should withstand both extreme heat and cold, and resist rust and corrosion to remain operational for longer.

Road & Track Conditions

Not only do conditions impact the EMS skid unit, but the surface it’s placed on as well. Given that road conditions can be unpredictable, the EMS skid needs to have a secure mounting capable of tackling all types of terrains. Achieving this requires sturdiness on uneven ground. Skids must have a strong foundation, ensuring stability regardless of the road surface.

2. Storage Solutions, Ergonomics, & The Importance Of Design

One of the defining features of a high-quality EMS skid unit is its clever use of storage space. Efficient storage space ensures all necessary medical equipment is easily accessible during an emergency, leading to quicker, more effective responses. Why is this feature essential?

Easy Equipment Access

First responders need to reach their equipment quickly. Accessibility is, therefore, crucial. The presence of multiple compartments that secure equipment and protect it from damage translates into an effective rescue mission.

If an EMS skid is poorly designed and hard to use, it serves little to no purpose. The layout should be designed to maximize ease of use. Clear identification of storage compartments and a design allowing smooth operation even in high-stress situations is paramount.

3. Decoding The Power Supply & Portability Aspects

EMS skid units often need to be transported to the scene swiftly, meaning they must be portable and easy to handle. A skid unit that fits the UTV you have is absolutely necessary for portability.

  • Rapid Deployment: A practical EMS skid unit is light enough to not interfere with the operation of the UTV it is on, which can prove vital in emergency situations.
  • Vehicle Integration: To enhance portability, EMS skids should be designed to easily be integrated with various vehicle types, making them suitable for a wide range of emergency response situations.
  • Battery Life: A reliable power source that ensures the EMS UTV can be used for extended periods or can be easily recharged or replaced. This adds another layer of reliability to all of your rescue missions.

4. Safety Features, Patient Transport, & Custom Configuration

Safety features are a crucial aspect of any EMS skid, from the design and finish used to the way it mounts onto vehicles.

  • Innovative Safety Features: Modern EMS skids come integrated with a plethora of safety features like high-visibility markings and non-slip surfaces to minimize potential hazards.
  • Patient Transport Compatibility: Look out for features that enable safe and comfortable patient transport, such as an extended stretcher area or constraints to secure patients during transport.
  • Custom Configuration: The option to adapt space usage, add or remove compartments, and adjust settings according to your needs, elevates the functionality and usability of the EMS skid unit.

5. Patient Capacity & Medical Equipment Compatibility

Assessing the suitability of an EMS skid unit for a UTV involves considering both its patient capacity and medical equipment compatibility. You need to evaluate the skid unit’s ability to accommodate the number of patients required for your emergency medical services, taking into account what else you might want to have with you. Ensure that the skid unit is equipped to handle and store essential medical tools, such as stretchers, monitors, and defibrillators, with an emphasis on organized and secure storage.

Making The Right Choice With Kimtek Corporation

Understanding the above factors aids in making an informed EMS skid unit purchase decision. Ultimately, your selection should align with your operations while meeting stringent safety and operational standards. At Kimtek Corporation, we are committed to providing top-tier EMS skid units that cater to these diverse needs, ensuring you have a sturdy, reliable EMS unit ready for any emergency that comes your way. Contact us to order your EMS skid today.

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