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Gravely Atlas UTV EMS & Fire Skids

Gravely UTV

The Gravely Atlas UTV is a modern beast of burden that can go nearly anywhere, especially so with a KIMTEK CORPORATION UTV skid attachment. Its side-by-side seating design is ideal for a driver and passenger.

Although here at KIMTEK, in Orleans, VT, we do not sell UTVs or other brands, we can help you to find and equip one to suit your specific needs.

Why Choose a Gravely Atlas UTV


The Gravely Atlas UTV is a terrific 4×4 off-roader. Its ample suspension helps you go where no such piece of equipment has gone before. The Gravely Atlas is durable, easy to maintain, and built to last for many years of reliable use.

Gravely History


Gravely has been in business for 100 years and started out life as a tractor company. The utilitarian nature of tractors made them the precursors to today’s UTVs. The company’s UTV is a prime example of its rugged and durable design. Like a tractor, it does not need roads and can clear its own path a century after Gravely produced its first tractor.

Features and Options


The Gravely Atlas UTV is powered by a 1,000cc motor that puts out more than 40 horsepower with lots of torque. KIMTEK Corporation’s skid units make a big difference in what your Gravely Atlas can do. Some simple modifications using our rescue skids make it a terrific rescue vehicle during wildfires or medical emergencies.

The Gravely Atlas UTV is a great vehicle for mounting fire skids and other attachments. A sturdy rear cargo deck can carry up to 1,790 pounds of cargo. You can add UTV fire skids that help to put out potential wildfires before they get out of control. Or you might add rescue skids that can carry an injured worker out of the field and to an ambulance for rapid treatment.

  • 4×4 Off Road Capability
  • 1000cc Motor
  • 40 Horsepower
  • 1,790 lb Weight Capacity

Makes & Models Available


The Gravely Atlas is available in the JSV 3000 and 3400 model configuration or the more versatile JSV 6000 and 6400 model. Both have the same general construction, powertrain, and drivetrain. But the JSV 6000 and 6400 can use more of our great KIMTEK Corporation skids that enable it to handle more tasks very well.

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Orleans, VT-based KIMTEK Corporation UTV skids are a perfect complement to a Gravely Atlas and enable it to do more than haul heavy objects. Our skid units come completely assembled and feature a quick disconnect system to get your skid unit in service almost immediately upon delivery.

If you already have a UTV, click on our Fit Guide to learn more. Call for more details or assistance.

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*We also fit many other chassis! Call us today for fitment information.

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