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Mahindra mPACT XTVs EMS & Fire Skids

Mahindra XTVs

Here at KIMTEK CORPORATION, we know that selecting a UTV can be difficult, and that is why we want to provide some information for you if you consider a Mahindra mPACT XTV. While we do not sell UTVs ourselves, we can aid in connecting you with a Mahindra dealer and make sure that your XTV comes equipped with one of our skid units installed.

What the Rugged Mahindra mPACT XTV Can Do


The impressive line of mPACT XTVs produced by Mahindra work hard for you and are built to last. The mPACT XTVs provide incredible performance with their towing capacity, cargo box capacity, and ground clearance. When you invest in the Mahindra mPACT XTV, you are getting a utility vehicle tested and proven to be reliable in an emergency. 

These utility vehicles can come equipped with our UTV skids to aid in any situation you see to put them in. Whether it is to help with wildland fires, off-road rescue, or emergency medical transport, the mPACT XTV series will get the job done when teamed up with our rescue kits.

Mahindra’s Impressive History


Mahindra started up in 1945 as a steel trading company based in India. However, the company has proven adept at making intelligent decisions, and timely forays into specific industries have helped this company expand into an international powerhouse. 

One of Mahindra’s greatest successes has been its influence on agriculture in India and later on a global scale. Mahindra released its first series of UTVs in 2015 and is now one of the fastest-growing UTV producers globally.

The Exciting mPACT XTV Standard Features


The mPACT XTVs are impressive UTVs that can travel challenging terrain and provide reliability to perform in emergencies. The mPACT XTVs have a fantastic selection of standard features.

  • 750 cc fuel-injected gas engine, or 1,000 cc, 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • Speeds up to 35 MPH.
  • 6-ply 27” ATV tires on 14” aluminum wheels.
  • 2” receiver hitches on the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • 1,000 lbs. or more of cargo capacity, depending on the model.
  • Tows up to 2,100 lbs.

mPACT XTVs Compatible with Our Rescue Skids


At KIMTEK CORPORATION, we provide top-of-the-line UTV rescue skids compatible with Mahindra’s mPACT XTV. Our skid units come assembled and feature a quick disconnect system to get your skid unit in service immediately upon delivery. Call for more details or assistance. 

Our emergency skid units are compatible with the following models.

  • mPACT XTV 750S
  • mPACT XTV 750C
  • mPACT XTV 750L
  • mPACT XTV 1000S
  • mPACT XTV 1000C
  • mPACT XTV 1000L

Get Your Rescue Skids Today


Here at KIMTEK CORPORATION, we strive to make your UTV and emergency skid purchase as convenient as possible. If you want to purchase a Mahindra mPACT XTV, we can help connect you to a seller and ensure that your new UTV is installed with a rescue skid. 

If you already have the UTV, we have a range of FIRELITE, MEDLITE, and LEOLITE skid options that fit perfectly with the mPACT XTV line, click on the Fit Guide to select your model. Let us help you find the best UTV for you.

*MAHINDRA, mPACT & RETRIEVER are registered trademarks of Mahindra USA, Inc.
Kimtek Corporation and its products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Mahindra USA, Inc.

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*We also fit many other years and models of the Mahindra! Call us today for fitment information.

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