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Skid Unit With Stretcher

UTVs with skid units are ideal for athletic field medical transport. These mobile systems can take quick action when dealing with accidents or other medical emergencies on the field. From automated lift mechanisms to additional storage and mobility options, plenty of options make these units ideal for large outdoor venues like sports fields.

  • Emergency Medical Transport
  • Field Evacuation
  • First Aid Response
  • Medical Equipment Transport
  • Field Maintenance
  • Game Day Support

Time-Sensitive Emergency Medical Transport

Rescue UTV skid units let you quickly move injured students, staff, or athletes from the playing field to a medical facility or ambulance. With a side-by-side medical unit or off-road utility vehicle, you’ll reduce the chances of further injury by avoiding the need to carry the player off the field. UTVs are relatively small and lightweight, making them ideal for getting on and off the field as quickly as possible.

Timely Field Evacuation

Skid units allow utility task vehicles to carry more passengers or supplies than they usually can. This means evacuation can happen faster and more efficiently in severe weather or other emergencies. They can also make maneuvering through small spaces easier without sacrificing stability, making them incredibly reliable when rapid evacuations are necessary.

Expedient First Aid Response

A typical utility task vehicle outfitted with the necessary first aid supplies and personnel can make all the difference in a medical emergency on the playing field. But when you add skid units to the mix, this functionality is taken up a notch. You can use them as mobile first aid centers that can be easily maneuvered into hard-to-reach places while providing extra storage space. Equipping your UTV with skid units ensures first responders have the space they need to access multiple types of health equipment at their fingertips.

Quick Medical Equipment Transport

If you need fast access to medical equipment while on the playing field, a medical ATV or UTV with skid units might just be your saving grace. In addition to getting you out of a jam, these vehicles can transport defibrillators and stretchers directly onto the field. So, the next time an athlete gets hurt during practice or a game, you can get them the help they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Efficient Field Maintenance

If you’re in charge of a sports field, you know how important it is to keep it running in top condition at all times. With the hustle and bustle of daily operations, doing routine maintenance tasks can often get pushed back on the priority list—but now you can increase the efficiency of your maintenance crew with UTV skid units.

They are great for transporting personnel and equipment to and from the playing field quickly and safely. No more delaying necessary maintenance or racking up extra costs due to scheduling issues; these little workhorses can help you get the job done right away every time.

Speedy Game Day Support

Skid units can be a game-changer when it comes to game-day operations. They provide the ability to quickly transport sports equipment, supplies, and personnel where needed so that you don’t have to delay that first pitch or kick-off. A utility task vehicle or side-by-side unit is much easier to handle than a full-sized vehicle, meaning drivers can confidently maneuver around crowded areas easily.

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UTVs and skid units are vital for field medical transport and other athletic field support operations, whether at the professional, collegiate, or even middle and high school level. If you’re looking for a quality transport product that will serve you well, look no further than the MEDLITE collection by KIMTEK Corporation. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

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