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2015: A Year In Review

The year 2015 has seen an ever growing need, and use of, utility vehicle EMS skids and various style fire/rescue skid-unit platforms. Also of note, there has been a mini-explosion of new and improved utility vehicle side by sides that have entered the market, allowing for a larger selection of types and style UTV’s for public safety agencies to choose from.

For public safety, a very popular off road utility vehicle style is the new crew type UTV. With two bench seats facing forward and a cargo box in the back, these 4-6 passenger utility vehicles can transport several first responders to a remote emergency scene and have a MEDLITE Transport utility vehicle EMS skid or a FIRELITE Transport utility vehicle FIRE skid in the rear cargo box. Although a bit longer than the typical 4×4 single seat UTV, the crew is seen as a multi-tasking vehicle good for off road rescues as well as crowded events on city streets.

Also for 2015 are a few new utility vehicles from new and established manufacturers. Gravely, an Ariens company just introduced a new line of ATLAS JSV utility vehicle side by sides that come in a regular and crew chassis format. The Atlas JSV-3000 and JSV-6000 are rugged machines built to perform under the harshest of conditions. They are heavy duty and built to take what public safety agencies sometimes dish out.

Also the Intimidator series, an Arkansas based company, now manufactures and sells their line of rugged 4×4, Crew and truck series utility vehicles. Like the Gravely, this company is building a tough, quality product sure to give first responders years of service. As we know from years of experience in off road ems rescue and wildland fire suppression, KIMTEK advocates the purchase of the larger, well-built utility vehicles for use by public safety agencies. UTV’s have to be safe, dependable, rugged and long lasting in order to properly serve the responders in times of emergencies.

KIMTEK is working with these companies and others to design safe, professional and rugged utility vehicle EMS skids and fire/rescue skid-units to meet the ever growing demand for these types of utility vehicles as they become more popular among public safety agencies.

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