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Police Skid Units To Handle Winter Car Accidents

Emergency medical services (EMS) and law enforcement responding to a car accident in a severe snowstorm require a plan for accessing areas and rescuing victims. Without the proper rescue vehicle, you risk running into these situations.

  • It is more likely you will not make it to the accident site without getting stuck
  • Using manpower to carry the injured parties out on stretchers takes too much time
  • In deep snow, manpower alone is not a very stable method of extraction

An Overview Of These Life-Saving Equipment In A Winter Weather Scenario

KIMTEK Corporation has the equipment you need to handle situations just like this. Whether it’s fire fighting skid units, a rescue side-by-side, or several other skid units, we have everything your department needs to make emergency response more efficient.

  • Navigate To Hard-To-Reach Areas Easily
  • Stabilize Patients
  • Ability To Reach Spot Fires

Easily Navigate To Hard-to-Reach Areas

It’s unlikely that an ambulance can reach a car accident victim if they are down a hill or embankment. The MEDLITE® TRANSPORT BASIC and other similar models allow you to add a UTV to your fleet for these types of situations. You’ll have the ability to make it up steeper grades during winter weather without worrying about the possibility of getting stuck during a rescue.

Stabilize Patients

A multi-man team would have to walk down to the scene and then return with a stretcher in hand. Not only do you risk destabilizing the injured, but you also risk injuring members of your team. A collection of rescue side-by-side skid units gives you the ability to preserve the stability of your patients and keep your crew safe.

Reach Spot Fires

Firefighting skid units give you the ability to reach spot fires in a car accident. What if there is no water source close enough for your rig? FIRELITE fire fighting skid units get you close enough to the action to put the fire out and make it back to safety.

Kimtek Corporation’s Providing Rescue Teams The Equipment They Need

At KIMTEK Corporation, our mission is to provide emergency workers with the equipment they need to complete their jobs. We’re the largest producer of skid units in the world, and we work directly with real members in the rescue field to get a first-hand glance at the products that they need in an emergency. For more information, head to our website and view our wide selection of equipment.

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