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Forestry Service Skid Units For Easier Winter Wildland Maintenance

Skid Units For Easier Winter Maintenance

Any approaching winter is a dreaded time for many forest management or wildland maintenance workers. With the forecast of volatile, unpredictable weather systems and subzero temperatures, it takes efficient planning and extremely hard work to prepare the way you should. A single ATV won’t cut it for many areas, and the help of our forestry service skid units can help you conquer the freeze.

Forestry Worker Winter Checklist

Whether you’re in – wildland maintenance, forest management, or in the fire department, KIMTEK Corporation’s brush trucks and skid units can make these tasks easier than your typical work truck. Here is a handy checklist to help you tackle your fall and winter forestry service tasks.

  1. Remove Dead Trees
  2. Check Trails, Gates, and Entry Points
  3. Additional Safety Hazards

1. Dead Trees Should Be Removed

Removing dead trees is an integral part of any forest management program. When winter precipitation begins to fall, rotten wood will easily topple over, increasing the odds of hikers becoming pinned or powerline hazards if live wires are in the area. The FIRELITE Transport Pacer is a great starter option from our forestry service skid units, allowing you to pack the tools you need for cutting and moving, and includes a 55 or 70-gallon onboard water tank.

2. Make Sure Trails, Gates, And Entry Points Are In Good Condition

All trails, gates, and entry points must be checked before winter. If these areas are covered in snow before you have a chance to check them, it’s possible that when snow levels drop, unlocked gates and unsecured entry points will be exposed. These can become hazards for several reasons – trespassers and unwanted animal movement are just a couple.

3. Look for the Presence of Additional Safety Hazards

Anything that looks off near high-traffic areas and on trails – including holes, large masses of debris, broken footbridges, and other areas of concern should be repaired before they are covered in snow. Our MEDLITE Transport Basic is ideal for any hiker or runner on a trail who needs emergency extraction and medical attention.

Why Use KIMTEK Corporation For Forest Management?

As the largest producer of UTVs & Side-By-Side units in the world, we know the importance of immediate service. The durability of our products is unmatched, thanks to the rugged aluminum diamond plate. We ship worldwide or work directly with your local UTV dealer to provide them with a package price to offer you savings. For more information, check out the official KIMTEK Corporation website today!

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