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KIMTEK BRUSH TRUCK SKID UNITS: Affordable – Reliable – Easy to Use


FIRELITE® Brush Truck Skid Units

Affordable – Reliable – Easy To Use

KIMTEK® Corporation, founded in 1984, builds a series of brush truck skid units, or slip on units, under the FIRELITE® brand name.

With prices that start at $8,100, KIMTEK can build your department a complete skid unit featuring a custom fabricated rugged aluminum base and shell, NFPA compliant poly water tank with baffles and a complete setup of stainless steel plumbing with brass quarter turn valves. All of this plus many name brand components you have come to know and trust like Darley Davey Pumps, Honda engines, Hannay Reels, Scotty Foam Systems and Mercedes hose. Welded stainless steel manifolds are standard on some models.

Here at KIMTEK we realize not every department can afford a “turnkey” brush truck, so they have to work with what they have for budget funds and build a brush rig or wildland truck for themselves. KIMTEK has many career and volunteer departments that set up their own wildland firefighting rig. Starting out with a properly sized pickup truck or flatbed chassis, KIMTEK FIRELITE skid units offer the perfect answer to exactly what your department needs. All slip on brush rig skid units are available with 125, 160, 200 and 300 gallons of water all with an integrated 5 gallon foam cell. 

The FIRELITE comes available in the basic series performance based models FDHP – 304, 305 & 306 which start at $8,100. The FDHP 301, 302 and 303 professional based series takes it up a notch with notable add ons that most departments love and there are a host of options that can be configured on the skid unit. This series starts at $9,000. The next series is our ultra high pressure skid unit models FCUHP basic series 404, 405 and 406 which start at $11,000 and the deluxe version of the FCUHP models 401, 402 and 403 start at $11,550.

Simplistic in design, the FIRELITE series are easy to learn how to operate and with minimal training, most anyone on your department can safely and effectively operate these skid units.

Each FIRELITE brush truck unit has fork lift able bases for ease of loading and unloading the slip on from the truck chassis. The FIRELITE wildland fire skids are very popular for those departments that might have an under-utilized “Chief’s Truck” or service vehicle that they want to make more useful for the department. The low profile nature of the skids make them perfectly suited for off road brush fire and grass fire situations, parking garages, parking lots, sport stadiums and almost anywhere a quick attack fire suppression apparatus is needed. Basically, wherever the large fire apparatus cannot go, these trucks can. With the extra storage and transport capabilities on some models, these skid units can easily respond to hurricanes, tsunamis, mountain rescues and can offer fast attack, quick access to most any situation.  

In closing, FIRELITE skid units will last a very long time, they will not crack, degrade or melt if exposed to high heat situations or long term exposure to the sun. Our FIRELITE skid unit will not experience broken welds due to the extreme flexing that can be experienced in off road situations.  Buy the best, KIMTEK FIRELITE skid units for brush trucks and UTV side by sides.

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