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Advantages of UTVs for Search and Rescue

Search Rescue ATV

Search and rescue operations all over the United States are finding that there are many advantages to having a UTV or ATV at their disposal. Search and rescue operations are full of challenges that must be met quickly, and a well-equipped rescue vehicle can literally be a lifesaver.

Why Are UTVs So Helpful For Search & Rescue?

Move Quickly Without Exhausting Your Personnel

  • Travel On Rough Terrain
  • Keep Your Gear Handy
  • Room For K-9 Kennels
  • Haul Equipment For Heavy Lifting

When you need to cover ground quickly while getting a close look at the scene, a UTV will be an excellent asset.

Move Quickly Without Exhausting Your Personnel

With a UTV ready to go, your search and rescue team will be able to move quickly while conserving energy.

Travel On Rough Terrain

Whether you are on a rocky beach or in a dense forest rescue setting, you will appreciate the all-terrain capacities of a UTV.

Keep Your Gear Handy

Choose a skid unit for your UTV with a storage box to keep everything organized and close by.

Room For A K-9 Kennel

If you often use a canine officer to help in your search efforts, you can choose a skid unit that offers a designated space for your K-9 coworkers.

Equipment For Heavy Lifting

You can choose a winch as part of your skid accessories, which will greatly aid your rescue efforts when you need to move, pull, or haul heavy objects.

MEDLITE® Rescue Skids

KIMTEK MEDLITE® rescue skids give you the equipment required for your search and rescue operations. These units are able to carry a stretcher or emergency longboard and can be mounted on most large UTV side-by-side chassis. You will find that their all-aluminum and diamond plate chassis give them trustworthy durability.

Our models include:

LEOLITE® Transport Law Enforcement Skids

Another option for park rangers and rescue personnel is our line of police UTV skids. You will want one of these units if you often use K-9 assistance or if you need to transport several officers or patients in a short amount of time.

Which Skid Unit Works Best For You?

Browse our models online to start a quote or give us a call today. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you choose the unit with the options that will make your search and rescue operation run smoothly. We can even work with your local UTV dealer to make a package to suit your unique needs.

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We are proud to make the vehicle skids that support first repsponders. Browse our products from each line – fire, medical, and law enforcement – below.

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