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Fire Fight Pumps UPH

What are the differences between UHP & HP firefighting pumps? From skid-mounted fire fighting unit applications to larger rigs, our team at Kimtek Corporation can help you choose the right ones for your organization.

The Importance of Fire Pumps

Pumps provide water obtained through sprinkler systems in buildings to fight fires in tall structures. Additionally, they can help keep a fire under control, even in shorter structures.

Types of Pumps

Generally, you will need to choose between pressure (PSI pounds per square inch) or volume (GPM or gallons per minute). Lower pressure pumps deliver higher volumes of water while higher pressure pushes out less volume.

High-Pressure Fire Pumps

HP pumps are very portable, and some models can even be used with the department’s ATV for remote firefighting. If your department needs to spray water 30 to 40 feet from the nozzle tip, the HP pump is the optimal choice. They are centrifugal with a head of between 200 and 1200 meters used in various pressure systems, low to high.

Ultra-High Pressure Fire Pumps

A UHP is ideal for departments that respond to embedded underground fires that aren’t easy to access. These include wildfires and deep mossy ground situations. They can also expand the range of hoses when combating disasters in skyscrapers and other tall structures. The ultra-high pressure hoses provide pressures above 1100 PSI that help extinguish large fires quickly.

UHP Benefits

  • Rapid temperature reduction rates.
  • The upper stories are well-cooled, reducing temperatures by more than 1,000 degrees.
  • Requires less water while giving you adequate fire suppression capability.

HP Benefits

  • Compact size and low weight
  • Rapid intervention via the hose reel
  • Space-saving installation
  • Low amounts of water needed

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Here at Kimtek, we pride ourselves in building quality, reliable firefighting pumps that help your firefighters remain true heroes. Contact us today to learn how we can work with your department and budget.

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