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7 Tips To Prepare For Wildfire Season

KIMTEK Corporation is the world’s largest producer of skids. Therefore, we take our role in supporting Firefighters and first responders seriously. Fire season has become more intense each year, so it is more critical to be efficient and nimble in our response to fires. Our team is proud to provide various UTV skids, thus we will work with local dealers to get you a package deal. We serve emergency responders across the country and ship worldwide.

Benefits Of Preparing For Fire Season With Off-Road Vehicles

  1. Perform Fire Watch
  2. Conduct Control Burns
  3. Install Additional Lighting & PA Systems
  4. Create Fire Breaks
  5. Maintain Fire Breaks Regularly
  6. Practice Transportation Safety
  7. Perform Regular Equipment Inspections

1) Regular Fire Watches Save Lives & Property

Watch for the start of small fires and limit the potential spread to larger fires. Get into the back country quickly on an ATV or with a UTV to monitor far-reaching areas.

2) Conduct Control Burns

Eliminate underbrush and other fuels with prescribed control burns prior to fire season. Transport a small crew to the designated remote burn in a UTV with optional AC and heat in all types of weather. Water and foam can be carried on some skids that are set up specifically for that operation.

3) Install Additional Lighting & PA Systems For Emergency Presence

Outfit UTVs & ATVs With Lighting & PA systems. When smoke is heavy, firefighters can use additional emergency lighting and audio equipment to increase their visibility as emergency responders. Train with these techniques prior to using them in the field. This improves the teams’ likelihood of success and helps protect public safety.

4) Create Fire Breaks

Get out in remote areas in order to create breaks ahead of fire season. Access steep, rugged areas of forest with off-road rigs to help clear the flammable vegetation.

5) Maintain Fire Breaks Regularly

Once cleared, keep these alleyways free of new growth. Keep tools stocked, so they are ready in your UTV or ATV for regular patrols out into remote areas to clear any more underbrush, litter, or other fuels.

6) Transportation Safety

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can position personnel and equipment safely in hot zones with efficiency. Maintain safe operations in remote areas with the ability to get into areas that may have debris on the ground from previous burns.

7) Perform Regular Equipment Inspections

Maintain FIRELITE® components upon returning from each mission in the field. Just as you would inspect tires on an ATV and UTV, perform inspections of the FIRELITE® Rear Hannay Reel and Compact Wildfire Skid units as well. These small units get through the brush easily and take a lot of abuse on each lifesaving mission, so do an inspection of components including checking hoses and their reels to ensure they turn freely. Perform regular maintenance on the 6.5 HP stationary pump to reduce any chances of failure.

Wildfire Tips For Residents During Fire Season

  • Clear Dead Leaves From Gutters & Rooflines
  • Clear Decks Of Flammable Furniture That Embers Could Ignite
  • Clear Mulch & Other Underbrush Five Feet Away
  • Remove Wood Piles, Old Vehicles, Lumber, and Other Fuels
  • Close, Seal, Screen House To Avoid Embers Entering
  • Keep Clear Fuel Free Path Of 30ft Around House

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