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Gaining Wide Use In Industrial Settings Across The World

Industrial Skid Unit

What do Ford Motor Company, Toyota, John Deere, Borger Refinery and Chevron Mining all have in common? These are a few of the many companies that have purchased KIMTEK FIRELITE and MEDLITE Transport units to protect their employees and facilities during medical and fire emergencies inside the plant.

Some of these facilities are enormous, all under one roof and have plenty of hazards to guard against. Industrial plants, mining operations, assembly lines and refiners all share the fact that they have a large area to cover. It is imperative that safety teams are able to get to the site of the in-plant incident quickly and efficiently.

The MEDLITE Transport offers the ability to move quickly to remove a patient from the scene of an industrial accident while care is happening in route. This means safety crews can concentrate on patient care and injuries, rather than losing time by having to run through these factories with a cot or stretcher. The MEDLITE is essentially a mini-ambulance able to maneuver on the manufacturing plant floor. Having the injured employee safely transported to the waiting ambulance would hopefully reduce the severity and long term issues suffered by the employee and being able to have them back on the job that much sooner.

The FIRELITE Transport brings a whole other level of fire protection and patient transport to the industrial scene. With demands on higher productivity and the need for no down time on the assembly line floor, the FIRELITE is able to bring a significant ability to fight a fire directly to the incident with a minimum of personnel needed. It can become a quick attack feature able to contain and put out a fire before it takes out a large section of manufacturing space or the entire building. The cost savings to this type of incident remediation can allow for the industrial facility to be back up and running quicker, with less disruption to the flow of products and ultimately cash flow.

Industrial Plant

KIMTEK is the largest producer and marketer of ATV/UTV specific skid units for public safety agencies in the U.S. KIMTEK’s FIRELITE® fire/rescue skid units and MEDLITE® medical skid units are now in service in all 50 states, all across Canada, all branches of the military, in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, the National Park Service, numerous NASCAR tracks and sporting complexes, and in several countries worldwide.

KIMTEK Corporation was founded in 1984 as a research and development company dedicated to advances in life safety technology in the fire sciences. KIMTEK manufactures and markets FIRELITE® and MEDLITE® Transport skid units for emergency service UTVs and pick-up trucks. For more information, contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358.

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