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Protect Your Land With Brush Trucks

If you own a ranch, farm, or another large parcel of land, ensuring that it is safe and protected is very important. Unfortunately, the risk of fires on dry land in certain areas of the country has continued to increase over the past decade. For ranchers, farmers, and other landowners that want to protect their land and help prevent and stop fires and other hazards, investing in a brush truck is a great option.

What Are Brush Trucks?

While the brush truck term can be somewhat broad, it is typically characterized as a type of truck that is lightweight but has four-wheel drive and is rugged enough to go through some more difficult terrain. These can then be equipped with a water tank and hoses that can be used to help put out fires. Brush trucks generally have the ability to go into areas that larger trucks will not be able to reach.

Utility Not Just For Firefighting

While brush trucks are frequently used to put out fires, they can have other functional purposes as well. They can be used to tow equipment that is stuck, reach cattle and other large animals that need help, and ultimately provide support as a rugged tool that can get to places otherwise hard to reach.

How Do You Get A Brush Truck?

A brush truck is typically custom-built and will have features that can help you create your own firefighting or other utility vehicles. One of the easiest ways to customize your vehicle is to add a skid unit. Our wildland skid units, contain all of the equipment that you need to properly retrofit your truck to be a brush firetruck. These skids are placed into the bed of a standard pickup allowing for easy and fast installation onto equipment you already own. Our skids can provide a variety of tools for use in almost any situation.

Get A Skid Unit & Make Your Life Easier

If you are looking to protect your land or just make it easier to maintain, KIMTEK Corporation has skid units for most trucks and is happy to work with your dealer to have them installed. We offer a wide range of skid options that vary in size and weight, which helps to ensure that you will be able to find one that fits well into the bed of your truck.

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