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Wildfire Brush Truck

Using an off-road wildfire brush truck is an excellent option for proactive firefighting when completing prescribed burns. Forest fires continue to be a concern for anyone that lives in a dry climate with a lot of trees and vegetation in the area. While most people are concerned with stopping and preventing fires, there are situations when a local forestry service will want to start a fire.

Using Brush Trucks for Controlled Fires

When the forestry service, USDA, or other entity is going to go through a controlled burn, they will consider using brush trucks. These tend to be smaller four-wheel drive vehicles that are versatile and can be equipped with a skid-mounted firefighting unit to help fight a fire.

  • They are versatile and capable of moving quickly through difficult terrain.
  • The vehicles can be equipped with wildland skid units that will include all the equipment you need to help control a fire.
  • Smaller size allows the vehicles to get to places where normal firefighting vehicles cannot.

What To Look For In A Brush Truck

One of the advantages of having a brush truck is that it is customizable. To turn your brush truck into a firefighting vehicle, you will need to invest in skid units for brush trucks. They will be outfitted with all you need to fight a fire.

  • Water Pressure. Skid units come with both high and low-pressure options.
  • Water Tank Size. This need will be based on the size of fires that you will need to control. Tanks larger than 200 gallons in size are available.
  • Proper Fit. Most importantly, you will want a skid unit that is designed to fit your type of truck. There are compatible skid units available for most pickup trucks.

Customize Your Skid Units

A brush truck with a skid unit continues to be an important asset to own for prescribed burns. Drip torch holders can be added to most of our skids as well. When you are looking for a new skid unit, contact us at KIMTEK Corporation. We offer a full line of skid units and other accessories that will ensure you have a properly equipped vehicle designed to ensure your prescribed burns are completed safely.

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