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Modularity Defines KIMTEK’s New Law Enforcement UTV Skid Unit


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LEOLITE™ is industry’s new patent-pending Tactical Personnel Carrier

July 1, 2020 – Orleans, VT –– KIMTEK has introduced its new LEOLITE™ Transport, the first skid unit designed, developed, and manufactured for law enforcement use in UTV sides-by-sides. This patent-pending concept offers law enforcement and military communities many modular options to accommodate mission-specific needs that arise in the field. Two quick-lock base holders in each base skid unit match every modular component option for quick and easy configuration and reconfiguration on demand. Base skid units also include a fully lockable sealed storage box for weapons, ammunition, medical kits, and other supplies. A stainless steel holder bar mounted to the box cover makes strapping down additional equipment easy and secure. There are also built-in tie-downs to secure a detainee to the skid unit during transport.

KIMTEK brings LEOLITE to the market in six essential configuration options, each made in the USA and incorporating all-aluminum diamond plate construction, aluminum tubing chassis, and assembly using only the finest hand-crafted workmanship.

Three Modular Field Options – Six Configurations

The first LEOLITE option consists of the base skid unit with two rear-facing seats and seatbelts. In this configuration, two officers can be transported or the base can be fitted with lock-down rings on the sides of each seat and on the base floor in case a detainee must be securely fastened to the unit.

The second option is configured to receive the optional K-9 transport boxes or kennels. LEOLITE™ skid units accommodate either one officer seat plus one K-9 kennel or two K-9 kennels. The skid unit’s quick-lock assembly means an officer can mount the kennel to either side of the UTV.

LEOLITE’s third option accommodates patient or cadaver transport, especially useful when LEOLITE™ is the only transport vehicle on scene. This configuration enables responders to deliver a distressed patient or wounded officer to a waiting ambulance or transport a cadaver from a remote location without tapping other essential law enforcement resources. LEOLITE patient transport can be configured for two patients, for one patient with one attendant seat, or for one patient and one K-9 kennel.

The fourth option includes a storage box with shelf, aiding in the delivery of extra equipment to a remote location. Built to the same size dimensions as the K-9 box, this LEOLITE configuration features a convenient shelf for expanded storage capacity.

Additional Developments

As field demands and conditions warrant, KIMTEK will develop additional modular components to help LEOLITE owners realize the full potential of their side-by-side transport skid units. Among the many agencies for which this innovative new KIMTEK product was designed are police departments, sheriff departments, SWAT teams, USAR teams, Military Police, Border –––Patrol and Customs Enforcement, and Conservation Offices.

About KIMTEK Corporation

KIMTEK Corporation is the largest producer and marketer of ATV/UTV-specific skid units for public safety agencies in the U.S. KIMTEK’s FIRELITE® fire and rescue skid units and MEDLITE® medical skid units are now in service in all fifty U.S. states and across Canada, all branches of the military, the National Park Service, numerous NASCAR tracks, sporting complexes, schools, universities, and in several countries worldwide. KIMTEK Transport skid units are made in the USA. Founded in 1984 as a research and development company dedicated to advances in life safety technology in the fire sciences, KIMTEK Corporation manufactures and markets a full line of FIRELITE and MEDLITE Transport skid units for emergency service UTVs and pick-up trucks. The introduction of the new LEOLITE Transport rounds out KIMTEK’s already full line of UTV-based skid units with a new category specifically for Law Enforcement Officers. For more information, please contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358 or visit

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LEOLITE™ is a trademark of KIMTEK Corporation.

KIMTEK®, MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® are registered trademarks of KIMTEK Corporation.

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