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KIMTEK MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transports allow side by side utility vehicles and pickup trucks to essentially become mini ambulances and mini fire trucks. Both able (depending on model) to carry a patient on a long board, stokes basket, wheeled cot, or full size stretcher, these skid units allow for quick patient transport in large crowed events and off road scenes.

Several large events such as Mardi Gras, Superbowl, NASCAR races, concerts, fairs, festivals and marathons already utilize MEDLITE and FIRELITE Transports to be on standby for any injuries, fire outbreaks, or other first responder needs. These condensed, large crowd events make it difficult for large apparatus to efficiently make their way through – however; small UTVs, with a MEDLITE or FIRELITE in the cargo bed, are the perfect solution to quickly navigate through with medical and fire equipment on hand.

Boston Marathon Medlite

In the Fire and EMS World, being prepared is key. Being prepared during tragic events that we do not foresee means the difference between efficient response and being stuck within the tragedy. One KIMTEK customer that stood out above and beyond with their medical preparedness this year was Boston EMS. We must commend all of the men and women’s efforts during this horrible scene. Their training on their fleet of Gator Utility Vehicles and KIMTEK MEDLITE Transports allowed them to respond immediately with MCI transport (Multiple Casualty Incident) and get patients quickly to the awaiting medical tents, ambulances, and hospitals. It’s events like the Boston Marathon Bombing that we never believe will occur, but being equipped and organized for the worst allows teams such as Boston EMS to act quickly and efficiently in dire times of need. A number of large metropolitan fire departments like FDNY, Tampa Fire-Rescue, Philadelphia Fire, Dallas Fire Department, and City of West Hollywood Public Safety already utilize Utility Vehicles with KIMTEK MEDLITE and FIRELITE skid units installed.

Clearwater Rescue

KIMTEK is the largest producer and marketer of ATV/UTV specific skid units for public safety agencies in the U.S. KIMTEK’s FIRELITE® fire/rescue skid units and MEDLITE® medical skid units are now in service in all 50 states, all across Canada, all branches of the military, in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, the National Park Service, numerous NASCAR tracks and sporting complexes, and in several countries worldwide.

KIMTEK Corporation was founded in 1984 as a research and development company dedicated to advances in life safety technology in the fire sciences. KIMTEK manufactures and markets FIRELITE® and MEDLITE® Transport skid units for emergency service UTVs and pick-up trucks. For more information, contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358.

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