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The LEOLITE™ Transport, a patent pending skid unit designed specifically for UTV side by sides, is a revolutionary concept for Law Enforcement agencies, military police, border patrol and customs enforcement, off road search and rescue teams and K9 handlers. KIMTEK, the world leader in the design and manufacture of UTV side by side public safety slip on units, decided that a safe, well thought out transport for off road and congested urban areas was a need that had not been fulfilled for law enforcement in general.

During the design phase, we set out to include a simple and safe way to “convert” the way the skid unit is utilized as dictated by the mission the agency was facing at the time. At a minimum, the LEOLITE™ must have a secure storage area for weapons and ammunition storage and a place to secure extra items like medic bags. The unit should be able to transport two officers seated and belted or be able to transport one K9 officer handler and their K9 partner, or 2 K9 officers. For search and rescue (SAR) the LEOLITE™ should be able to transport an injured patient or human remains. And finally, the LEOLITE™ should be able to carry an additional storage box for extra supplies as needed.


All in all, the LEOLITE™ performs all these functions and more, and does them quickly based on a quick release lock and load component that is affixed to the underside of every seat, K9 box, patient transport and storage box made specifically for the LEOLITE™. With this quick release system, the configurations listed above can be easily swapped out in the field in minutes to adapt as the situation changes.

One scenario is a riot in a congested urban area where many police officers need to be transported in closer to the situation at hand. That is where the two officer seats are needed. If an officer is down and quick transport out of the hot zone is critical to the well-being and safety of the injured officer; that is where one officer seat is removed and the patient carrier transport is added to the LEOLITE™.

Another scenario is where the officer and K9 officer are needed to assist in the search for a missing young child lost deep in a remote, off road location. Having the LEOLITE™ with one officer seat and one K9 transport allows for the officers to be safely and quickly to the remote site saving both their energy for the actual search versus walking in a long distance and being tired before they even begin the search. Sheriff’s Departments, municipal departments, ocean front communities will all have uses for the LEOLITE™ and its many optional transport platforms.

KIMTEK Corporation brings a commons sense approach to all their UTV side by side skid unit designs involving public safety agencies serving the EMS, FIRE, RESCUE, SAR, USAR, MILITARY, FEDERAL AND STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES.

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