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Nighttime fire photo with first responder vehicles.

Last night the Woodstock Fire Department used its FST-204 on the department’s Polaris 6×6 on its first significant brush/shed fire in the woods. It has been used a few times previously but this call demonstrated the full capabilities of this unit. Hose was deployed out of the hosebed of the unit which made suppression setup much easier and quicker than dealing with hose rolls and hose packs. Secondly, having the 85 gallon water tank was very beneficial. We had to make three trips into the woods to fully extinguish the fire. If we had the smaller 70 gallon tank we would have had to make 4 trips, and 5 if we had the 55 gallon tank. This means that we had 40% less risk while making trips, and reduced our on scene time which is always important. I would like to thank you for this top of the line product that you make.

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