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Drip Torch Holder For Fire Fighting Skid Unit

With renewed emphasis on properly maintaining the open land and forest, prescribed burns most often are at the center of that activity. For prescribed burning also known as a controlled burn, KIMTEK has designed optional drip torch holders (also known as burn torches) that can be placed on our FIRELITE Transport skid units for UTV side by sides and trucks. During wildland fire suppression efforts, or just as a tool for routine maintenance, prescribed burns are gaining traction as the go to method to “fight fire with fire” so to speak. Along with this effort comes the need to safely hold and transport drip torches to the location where a fire line will be set up. At KIMTEK, we can mount the drip torch holders in convenient locations on the skid unit and work with the customer to allow for a perfect fit for their specific size drip torches.

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