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KIMTEK® Corporation Continues To Innovate With Custom FIRELITE Transport Designs


Many Department of Natural Resource (DNR) and Environmental Land Conservation Agencies, private land maintenance companies, farmers and ranchers have reached out to KIMTEK to provide them with unique designs incorporating fire suppression capabilities with custom holders for drip torches, and the KIMTEK FIRELITE delivers! The ability to both start a fire line and keep it contained is very important when these agencies and companies are tasked with the burning of large acres of fields, marsh land or underbrush all as an effective strategy to lessen the chances of out of control wild land fires in the future. This strategy also helps to protect other areas that may be vulnerable to a wild land brush fires where lives and property are at stake. Our full line of FIRELITE Transport skid units provide affordable choices for our budget minded customers.

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Requirements for these skid unit builds include secure areas where the drip torches could be stored while in transit while at the same time making it easy to get at them. Also usually required is a water tank, a pump and most times a foam system to round out the fire suppression side of things. While we do not have these custom designs for sale on our web site, we do try and accommodate our customers who work continuously to maintain and ultimately protect our environment.

A large number of ranchers, farmers, DNR agencies and land management companies utilize our FIRELITE Transport skid units for UTV side by sides and pickup trucks to perform their daily tasks. Here are a few of the custom drip torch FIRELITE Transport builds we have shipped to customers.

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