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Yamaha Viking Dimensions

Length: 35.5
Width: 49.5
Height: 12.5
Capacity: 600
There are restrictions with different chassis that our skid units are able to fit perfectly into, so please contact us directly for fitment and application details. Our reccomendations will give you a good starting point for choosing which KIMTEK products will be compatible with your Yamaha Viking.

Please Note: The 500 & 600 lb cargo bed capacities are limited – please keep all equipment, gear, patient and attendant weights in mind when selecting your skid unit so as to not overweight the cargo bed.

KIMTEK Recommendations

These suggestions are the recommended KIMTEK UTV skid units that will work best with Yamaha Viking.
Medlite MTB-101
Model: MTB-101
Base Price: $2,950.00

Entry Level- Basic Needs – Low Volume The MEDLITE® Transport Basic is our entry level, no nonsense patient transport for…

Medlite MTS-102
Model: MTS-102
Base Price: $3,350.00

Standard Level – Storage Box – Medium Volume The MEDLITE® Transport Standard is our standard level, enclosed storage capable patient…

Medlite MTD-103
Model: MTD-103
Base Price: $3,750.00

Deluxe Level – Storage Box – Slide Out Tray -Medium/High Volume The MEDLITE® Transport Deluxe is our best-selling medical rescue…

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