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Medlite skid unit with longboard.

Answered With The Right UTV Based Medlite And Firelite Skid Unit

The times – they are changing….or so the saying goes. When it comes to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic and how it relates to the Fire/EMS service, we are reading and seeing stories of staffing shortages, recruitment problems among the volunteer service and overall uncertainty. The KIMTEK medical MEDLITE Transport units for UTVs have been pressed into service all across the country in response to this crisis. We have produced and expedited MEDLITE skid units to various locations where critical care transport in tight spaces requires the use of UTV based transport services. Add that to the many hospitals that require safe and reliable transportation from the helipad to the hospital and you have a real need for the MEDLITE Transports. On the fire front, KIMTEK FIRELITE Transports offer ease of use while being amazing labor savers in cases where there are less people that are responding to calls, especially during the day. A crew of 2 or 4 firefighters can quickly access an off road grass or brush fire and put it out or at least contain it while larger apparatus and crews are responding.

Medlite Skid Unit With Longboard.

Labor saving and quick response are just a couple of the ways in which a properly outfitted UTV side by side complete with a KIMTEK MEDLITE or FIRELITE skid unit can actually benefit the Fire or EMS agency that has decided to place such an apparatus into service in their jurisdiction. Price is also key, and where KIMTEK usually advises that the agency keep the purchase of the UTV local to save money and form a relationship with the dealer if and when repairs are required, is a great start. Then we ask them to define their mission objective for the new equipment. If only looking to do medical transport calls with the unit, then the 4 models of MEDLITE Transports are the answer. If fire/rescue is more of a priority, then choosing the right FIRELITE Transport from the many models KIMTEK offers will do the trick.

KIMTEK skid units are very easy to install on site right at your department. They come fully assembled, and we make them easy to install in the existing cargo bed of the UTV. Operation is real simple and KIMTEK sends along with the appropriate install guides as well as safety instructions and an off road UTV/ATV operational guide to round out the comprehensive package KIMTEK delivers to our customers to insure your members and the public are safe while the units are being utilized.

So whether it is staffing issues, quick response requirements, off road situations or tight urban locations, KIMTEK produces a skid unit that will fulfill almost every need and mission. Reach out to our dedicated sales staff today to see how one of these quality skid units can suit your public safety mission today! or toll free 888-546-8358.

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