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EMS ATVs Improve Storm Rescue Efforts

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) have many practical applications for both recreational and professional purposes. ATVs and UTVs are commonly used by emergency medical services (EMS). These vehicles continue to be particularly helpful following a bad storm or other natural disasters. ATVs and UTVs can be used in a variety of different ways to help emergency medical professionals in these situations.

  • Support For Search & Rescue
  • Providing Ambulatory Services
  • Supporting Firefighting Efforts

Search & Rescue Support

In an emergency, these vehicles can serve as search and rescue support vehicles. In wooded, hilly, or other challenging terrain areas, driving an ambulance or even an SUV can be challenging for an EMS service. However, a UTV rescue vehicle is ideal as it is small and rugged enough to move through more difficult terrain. This can help you quickly search a larger area for survivors and those that need medical assistance.

Provide Ambulatory Services

An ATV or UTV can also be equipped to provide ambulatory services. In the event of a bad storm or natural disaster, many people will need immediate support and assistance. It may not be possible for standard emergency vehicles and ambulances to reach them. By adding a skid unit to an ATV, you can create an ATV ambulance with all of the first response medical gear you need to help save lives at the scene of an accident.

Firefighting Support

The strength and versatility of these off-road vehicles can also make them an excellent option for providing firefighting support. Various UTV and ATV wildland skid units can be fully equipped with all that you need to fight fires and continue your rescue efforts following a natural disaster. These skid units are equipped with sizable water tanks, pressurized hoses, and other tools that will allow you to put out localized fires.

Kimtek Corporation, The Nation’s Largest Manufacturer Of ATV &UTV Skid Units

EMS professionals and first responders can benefit greatly from UTVs and ATVs following a natural disaster, a bad storm, or a forest fire. Kimtek Corporation offers a wide variety of options for rescue UTVs or ATVs, including wildland skid units that can be used to convert any ATV or UTV into a small firetruck or ambulance. The skids come in a variety of sizes and have different functions that will allow you to create the ideal support vehicle to meet your needs.

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