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Controlled Fire

Managing prescribed burns are essential to fire season readiness, as fires are becoming more intense each year, and they must be done safely with the right tools and equipment. We offer a variety of UTV skids, and we work with local dealers to get you a package deal. Kimtek Corporation is the world’s largest skid manufacturer, dedicated to supporting firefighters and first responders. We serve emergency responders across the country and ship worldwide.

Tips For Managing Controlled Burns

  1. Have A Burn Plan
  2. Proper Tools & Equipment
  3. Create Fire Breaks
  4. Safety First But Prepare For Rescue

1. Make A Burn Plan

Make a burn plan to ensure success. When everyone, including your forestry neighbors, knows the burn area map and potential hazards, they will be clear on the objectives. Within that plan, there should be information on personnel requirements and what fuel types are likely to be involved in the operation. Our KIMTEK skids and mobile attack units are excellent for this type of work with a 6.5 HP stationary pump with stainless steel piping and brass fittings.

2. Have The Right Tools for Prescribed Fires

Know what tools you’ll need to start and maintain so you can control your prescribed burns safely. Your team will need to haul in shovels, blowers plus chainsaws. Firefighters require hand tools to be able to target and disperse the fire as designated, or to rake debris, swat, or tamp down smaller fires. ATVs can transport personnel with their gear into the backcountry and our FIRELITE compact wildfire skid unit is rugged, all-aluminum construction with an integrated 55 or 70-gallon poly water tank.

3. Create Fire Breaks

Create fire breaks to help control the direction of the fire, but also have on hand enough water in your skid should you need to douse some flames quickly. Take advantage of natural firebreaks to control the prescribed fires’ spread, while your team also utilizes roads and clears underbrush or surrounding fuels. Our FCAT-209-85 skid is well-equipped with a Hannay 1500 series electric rewind reel with 100 feet of half-inch high pressure rated booster hose with a top foam tan fill point for convenience and safety.

4. Safety First

Safety is a top priority for firefighters, so they should wear proper clothing, including helmets. No matter how carefully prescribed fires are planned, accidents can happen if incorrect clothing is worn or if conditions change and the fire gets out of control. The FIRELITE TRANSPORT for Fire & Rescue UTV is a great asset to a firefighting team. It’s lightweight adapts to all terrains and remote places, and is able to hold a stokes basket or long board as a rescue skid unit.

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Our team at KIMTEK Corporation has the UTV fire rescue skids you’ll want your firefighting crew to have at the ready for executing controlled burns safely. We serve emergency responders across the country and ship worldwide. Call us today for a free estimate.

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