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A surge may be coming, is your public safety agency prepared?

Medical Rescue of Hikers

March 16, 2021

Usually, this question comes up in the spring every year regarding your agency’s ability to take on spring grass and wildland fires and having the right equipment for the job. But due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the surge we are talking about might come from a rush of people across the country anxious to get out of their homes and experience the great outdoors after being stuck inside for over a year.


Kimtek Introduces Optional Drip Torch Holders for Mounting on Firelite Transport Skids

drip torch holder for firelite skid unit

January 25, 2021

With renewed emphasis on properly maintaining the open land and forest, prescribed burns most often are at the center of that activity. For prescribed burning also known as a controlled burn, KIMTEK has designed optional drip torch holders (also known as burn torches) that can be placed on our FIRELITE Transport skid units for UTV side by sides and trucks. During wildland fire suppression efforts, or just as a tool for routine maintenance, prescribed burns are gaining traction as the go to method to “fight fire with fire” so to speak. Along with this effort comes the need to safely hold and transport drip torches to the location where a fire line will be set up. At KIMTEK, we can mount the drip torch holders in convenient locations on the skid unit and work with the customer to allow for a perfect fit for their specific size drip torches.

Our KIMTEK FIRELITE and MEDLITE UTV fire truck units are a picture of brute strength and awesome capabilities!

brush fire UTV skid unit with tracks

December 15, 2020

Brush fire UTV and side by side ems skid units are now gaining popularity in many departments being utilized on fire department side by side chassis across the United States and the world. Often referred to Mini Emergency Rescue Vehicles (MERV) or side by side rescue vehicle in the ATV EMS skid unit mission area or fire side by side, fire rescue side by side or brush fire UTV on the fire-rescue mission side of things.


Mission Uses For The New Leolite™ Transport From Kimtek Corporation

leolite skid unit for law enforcement

November 18, 2020

KIMTEK has received many calls asking what types of mission uses can the LEOLITE™ Transport Tactical personnel carrier perform in the field. There are many uses which we will list here to give you an idea on how versatile and modular capable the LEOLITE™ is. The LEOLITE™ is meant for use in a Police UTV or Law Enforcement UTV. It is also designed for use in a Military Police UTV, Border Patrol UTV, Prison UTV, Swat UTV, Riot police UTV, Secret Service UTV, DHS UTV and many more agencies.


LEOLITE™ Transport – One UTV skid – Multiple Mission Ready Options

leolite skid unit for law enforcement

August 24, 2020

The LEOLITE™ Transport, a patent pending skid unit designed specifically for UTV side by sides, is a revolutionary concept for Law Enforcement agencies, military police, border patrol and customs enforcement, off road search and rescue teams and K9 handlers. KIMTEK, the world leader in the design and manufacture of UTV side by side public safety slip on units, decided that a safe, well thought out transport for off road and congested urban areas was a need that had not been fulfilled for law enforcement in general.


KIMTEK Corporation Continues to Innovate With Custom FIRELITE Transport Designs

custom firefighting skid unit

August 12, 2020

Many Department of Natural Resource (DNR) and Environmental Land Conservation Agencies, private land maintenance companies, farmers and ranchers have reached out to KIMTEK to provide them with unique designs incorporating fire suppression capabilities with custom holders for drip torches, and the KIMTEK FIRELITE delivers! The ability to both start a fire line and keep it contained is very important when these agencies and companies are tasked with the burning of large acres of fields, marsh land or underbrush all as an effective strategy to lessen the chances of out of control wild land fires in the future. This strategy also helps to protect other areas that may be vulnerable to a wild land brush fires where lives and property are at stake. Our full line of FIRELITE Transport skid units provide affordable choices for our budget minded customers.


Fire and EMS Agencies: Staffing Issues and Mission Requirements can be Answered with the Right UTV Based Medlite and Firelite Skid Unit

FCAT 900 high pressure firefighting skid unit

April 22, 2020

The times - they are changing….or so the saying goes. When it comes to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic and how it relates to the Fire/EMS service, we are reading and seeing stories of staffing shortages, recruitment problems among the volunteer service and overall uncertainty. The KIMTEK medical MEDLITE Transport units for UTVs have been pressed into service all across the country in response to this crisis. We have produced and expedited MEDLITE skid units to various locations where critical care transport in tight spaces requires the use of UTV based transport services. Add that to the many hospitals that require safe and reliable transportation from the helipad to the hospital and you have a real need for the MEDLITE Transports. On the fire front, KIMTEK FIRELITE Transports offer ease of use while being amazing labor savers in cases where there are less people that are responding to calls, especially during the day. A crew of 2 or 4 firefighters can quickly access an off road grass or brush fire and put it out or at least contain it while larger apparatus and crews are responding.


Kimtek Adds to their Line of Portable Fire Fighting Equipment for Utvs and Brush Trucks!

FCAT 900 high pressure firefighting skid unit

April 1, 2020

KIMTEK Corporation is continually adding to their already substantial line of skid units. The KIMTEK line of FIRELITE Transport skid units for UTV’s and trucks is a complete line of portable firefighting equipment for fire departments, departments of natural resources (DNR), prescribed burns, the military, ranchers, land owners, land stewards and wildland fire service personnel. The goal is to prevent unwanted fires from occurring and if they do happen - to extinguish them quickly before they escalate into something more significant.


Which KIMTEK skid units conform to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Minimum Standards By Type?

January 7, 2020

A number of our Firelite Transport skid units for UTV’s and brush trucks conform to the standards of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Minimum Standards By Type under their classifications of Type 6 and Type 7 apparatus.


UTV-Based Apparatus: A Little Rig for Big Jobs

May 17, 2019

The use of UTV-based fire apparatus in the fire service and EMS has grown exponentially as the vehicles become more robust and users realize their versatility.


KIMTEK FIRELITE Transports are being utilized in expanded uses and situations

Naples Portable Fire Rescue Unit

February 11, 2019

KIMTEK portable firefighting skids for UTVs and pick-up trucks provide affordable, professional-grade fire prevention and protection for rural land owners, land stewards, fire service personnel and the military. When you need fire protection during prescribed burning, spot-fire suppression, mop-up, fuels reduction or any other form of small-scale fire control, the KIMTEK FIRELITE Transport is the answer.


KIMTEK skid units – Same great products – many different missions!

UTV Skid Units for Rural Land Owners

April 5, 2018

Rural land owners such as ranchers are concerned with fire prevention and being good land stewards, they concentrate on fuels reduction on their property to assist with controlling grass fires or wildfires if one should occur. This is a small-scale fire control being done around the country and is very successful.


Hunter rescued after falling from Berwick tree stand

Medlite UTV Safety Training

November 15, 2017 – BERWICK, Maine -- Rescuers hiked through wet and cold terrain Tuesday morning in a multi-agency effort to rescue an injured man who had fallen from a tree stand deep into the woods in Berwick. The call came in at approximately 10 a.m., according to Chief Daniel Meehan of Lebanon Fire and EMS. Meehan happened to be in a meeting with Berwick Fire Chief Dennis Plante at the time. Initial reports indicated a hunter had fallen from a tree stand in the woods off Togue Brook Road. According to Plante, the injured man used his cell phone to call 911 and searchers used the phone’s GPS to help locate him. Meehan said he offered the use of his agency’s 6-wheeler to aid in rescue efforts.


Keep Safety in UTV Public Safety Rescue - Essential precautions for deploying side-by-sides with rescue skid units

Medlite UTV Safety Training

April, 2017 –– UTV chassis side-by-sides outfitted with appropriate medical or fire skid units complement most any agency's first response fleet. Safety concerns surrounding their use, particularly when used for patient transport, warrant careful attention from rescue teams. A thorough understanding of the vehicle, transport apparatus, off-road terrain, and patient requirements must precede any use in public safety situations.


Kimtek® MEDLITE Transport Deluxe Delivers Treatment Quickly

EMS Magazine

March 2, 2017 –– KIMTEK CORPORATION’S MEDLITE Transport Deluxe Advanced (MTD-103) model can be used on a utility task vehicle (UTV) for medical rescue in remote areas, for a third passenger during search-and-rescue efforts, and for easy access to patients at major events. The unit is designed to carry one patient, one paramedic and emergency medical supplies. The MTD-103 is safe for both patient and paramedic. The long board is easily attached to the unit using 10 Velcro D loop straps (included). The paramedic’s seat, which includes a seat belt, glides on wheels and can be locked in two different locations along the guide rails.


Kimtek® opens up new focus on emerging markets with ads in Athletic Management and American Lifeguard.

Athletic Management Cover

November 7, 2016 –– KIMTEK CORPORATION of Orleans, Vermont, a worldwide innovator of off road rescue and fire/rescue equipment for UTV side by sides and pickup trucks is breaking into emerging markets in the scholastic sports field by advertising in Athletic Management magazine and other similar publications. The request and placement of the MEDLITE Transport series medical transport for UTV has been in high demand by fire departments, ambulance services, rescue squads and industrial customers for many years. KIMTEK has seen a surge in purchases from a wide variety of schools across the nation most notably high schools, private schools and universities. Athletic directors realize that quick, professional transport from the playing field of an injured player is of the highest priority and KIMTEK products do just that. With severe sports related injuries on the rise among students of all ages, the focus is now on early stabilization and treatment right on the playing field before the student is transported. With four MEDLITE transport models to choose from, schools with every size budget can afford to purchase this high quality equipment.


Kimtek® MEDLITE® popular part of school sports programs

Medlite with Soccer Injury at school sports

November 7, 2016 - Orleans, VT –– Based on KIMTEK Corporation's recent sales figures, schools and universities nationwide are selecting the company's MEDLITE® Transport skid units for on-field medical transport at a growing rate. Providing athletic departments and school boards with an affordable, professional patient transport solution at football, soccer, and track and field events, KIMTEK's MEDLITE transport system features a modular UTV side-by-side medical unit effective for first response at sports fields in elementary schools, high schools, and university stadium of all sizes.


EMS and Fire/Rescue Skid Units for Utility Vehicles (UTV's)
2015: A year in review

New Gravely Atlas

December 15, 2015

The year 2015 has seen an ever growing need, and use of, utility vehicle EMS skids and various style fire/rescue skid-unit platforms. Also of note, there has been a mini-explosion of new and improved utility vehicle side by sides that have entered the market, allowing for a larger selection of types and style UTV’s for public safety agencies to choose from.


Assessment of Off-Road Rescue and Firefighting Needs & Capabilities

Walking Bridge

December 2, 2015

In recent years, there has been a move toward more and more outdoor recreation. To expand access, miles of abandoned rail lines have been opened to the public. While this is great, there is a down side; in the planning stages, sometimes there is no consideration given to how to take care of EMS and fire incidents on the trails. That job has been left to the impacted towns to assess what types of equipment and training is needed to provide EMS and firefighting on this new infrastructure, with the cost being absorbed by the town. Ignoring this situation is not an option.


Kimtek advocates safety first with UTV side by side vehicle applications in public safety

Medlite Polaris

November 30, 2015

UTV type side by side vehicles produced by such major manufacturers like John Deere, Kubota, Polaris, Kawasaki and Bobcat are gaining more and more popularity in the emergency services/public safety portion of the marketplace. Because of their versatility, and ability to get to hard to reach, off road locations and/or crowded locations like sports stadiums and NASCAR tracks, a UTV side by side equipped with a mission specific skid-unit like the KIMTEK Medlite Transport MTD-103 off road rescue slip on or the Firelite Transport FDH-203 wildland fire skid-unit is hard to beat.


Kimtek MEDLITES® travel 'Across the Pond' to Assist with Medical Coverage in London

JCB Workmax skid unit

June 30, 2015

In early 2015, Kimtek was contacted by Quad Medical Ltd. in London, UK regarding purchasing our medical rescue slide in skid units for UTVs to be utilized in their JCB Workmax 800d and JCB Workmax Groundhog 1000d. Quad Medical provides private Ambulance services & remote medical coverage in England. The Kimtek Medlite Transport MTD-103 and MTSTR-104 were purchased to assist their team with these endeavors.


Kimtek is Your Leading Skid-Unit Store!

Shipment to Afghanistan

June 1, 2015

With over 3,000+ units in service in every state of the United States, seven provinces and one territory of Canada, fourteen countries and most proudly, all four branches of the U.S. Military- KIMTEK is the worldwide leader of UTV and pickup truck based skid-unit type slip-on units for medical and fire/rescue.


2014: New UTV side by side models capable of carrying Kimtek FIRELITE® and MEDLITE® skid units.

Kuboto RTV series with Medlite

Kimtek Medlite Transport Deluxe MTD-103 in the new Kubota RTV-X1120

September 3, 2014

Many new UTV 4x4 Models are hitting the market from manufacturers like Kubota, John Deere, Polaris and Kawasaki. As always, all of the KIMTEK UTV specific skid units for medical and fire/rescue off road response fit most of these new models.

Kubota recently introduced their next generation RTV series 4x4 side by side UTVs. The new Kubota RTV x900, x1100 and x1120. These all come with updated rear cargo beds that feature 2 integrated tie down points on each side, a high strength plastic bed instead of the previous all metal bed and they still carry 1102 lbs, great for most public safety missions.


Limit call times for your beach rescues – add a UTV with MEDLITE® Transport to your apparatus line up!

Medlite Beach Rescue

September 3, 2014

It isn’t every day that an employee of Kimtek Corporation gets to have first-hand experience of watching the products they design, build, and sell every day in a real-life scenario. As circumstances would have it, that happened to our President, Kimball Johnson, our Business Manager, Chelsea Cummings, and our Shop Foreman, Dan Cummings while they enjoyed the beautiful area of Wells Beach, Maine this summer.


Cub Cadet Volunteer Makes a Great UTV Platform for the Kimtek MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transports!

Cub Cadet Volunteer

March 4, 2014

Yorktown, Virginia - Cub Cadet of Yorktown has taken the connection of the Cub Cadet UTV chassis combined with the KIMTEK MEDLITE and FIRELITE Transport skid units to produce a great looking, very capable off road rescue 4x4. With the addition of the MEDLITE Transport, it transforms the Cub Cadet Volunteer into a mini ambulance for use during off road rescues or for EMS standby at large events.


Kimtek offers an affordable, compact concept for forestry truck skids

Forest Fire

January 27, 2014

When tasked with building a forestry truck many departments’ goals are to get as much water and as big of a pump as they can onto the truck. This approach can quickly lead to an overweight truck, resulting in a vehicle that will not handle well and a department that has spent money for more pump than they will use.


MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® save time during large crowd event MCI incidents

Rescue in Crowded Street

December 9, 2013

Several large events such as Mardi Gras, Superbowl, NASCAR races, concerts, fairs, festivals and marathons already utilize MEDLITE and FIRELITE Transports to be on standby for any injuries, fire outbreaks, or other first responder needs.


Late Night Woods Fire

Late Night Woods Fire in Woodstock Vermont

November 14, 2013 - by Patrick Rose

Last night the Woodstock Fire Department used its FST-204 on the department's Polaris 6x6 on its first significant brush/shed fire in the woods. It has been used a few times previously but this call demonstrated the full capabilities of this unit. Hose was deployed out of the hosebed of the unit which made suppression setup much easier and quicker than dealing with hose rolls and hose packs. Secondly, having the 85 gallon water tank was very beneficial. We had to make three trips into the woods to fully extinguish the fire. If we had the smaller 70 gallon tank we would have had to make 4 trips, and 5 if we had the 55 gallon tank. This means that we had 40% less risk while making trips, and reduced our on scene time which is always important. I would like to thank you for this top of the line product that you make.

Read article...

The use of FIRELITE® and MEDLITE® Transport gaining wide use in industrial settings

John Deere Dubuque Works protecting their plant in Iowa

November 26, 2013

What do Ford Motor Company, Toyota, John Deere, Borger Refinery and Chevron Mining all have in common? These are a few of the many companies that have purchased Kimtek FIRELITE and MEDLITE Transport units to protect their employees and facilities.


The answer to Equine Event and Rodeo medical needs

Fall from horse

November 14, 2013

After being thrown from my trusty horse companion into a wooden fence at a lope around the show ring it became all too clear to me the need for KIMTEK MEDLITE® Transports at equine events and equine facilities. Having local Fire or EMS agencies on call with this reliable piece of equipment to help with injured riders on the trail or able to assist at horse shows for medical needs would be such a relief for so many riders...


Kimtek Corporation Receives A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

Kimtek Corporation BBB Business Review

August 22, 2013

KIMTEK CORPORATION is pleased to announce they have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). KIMTEK President Kimball Johnson credits his staff and vendors for helping to make this A+ rating possible.


Web Marketing Efforts Come Full Circle

Web Designers by the Medlite

July 25, 2013

There are few things as heartwarming as running into an old friend from Vermont when you are far from home. And that’s exactly what happened to Stephanie and Mike Raccine, owners of Off the Page Creations, this past St. Patrick’s Day in the Gulf Beach town of Indian Shores, Florida, just north of St. Petersburg, 1,500 miles from their home in Vermont.



Mountain tunnel

October 26, 2012

KIMTEK CORPORATION MEDLITE® & FIRELITE® Transports are now in use in several underground and surface mines across the United States and Canada. The mines are primarily coal mines, copper mines and salt mines.


With Budgets Tight, Demand Grows For UTV Emergency Vehicles

UTV emergency vehicle unit

By Alan M. Petrillo
Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine - Sept. 14, 2009

Fire departments across the country are turning to utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) outfitted for firefighting and rescue to take some of the heat off already-strained apparatus and operating budgets.


Not All UTV's Are Created Equal

Polaris UTV with Medlite

In recent years, the big brother of ATV's, known as the UTV, have seen a rapid rise in use by emergency services organizations across the country. Fire, Police and EMS are now recognizing a wide variety of uses and applications for these UTV vehicles including wildland firefighting, emergency medical evacuation from remote locations, police search and rescue operations, crowd control, SARS urban interface just to name a few.


Don't Think You Have Use For a Kimtek Corp Skid Unit? Please Read On

Polaris with MTD

If you have a golf course in your response area you might not need one but the golf course might. Your ambulance has no place on a golf course. It is their responsibility to make sure their clients can be reached, treated and extricated from the course without you getting stuck or causing damage to the course or your equipment, especially after it rains.


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