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Brush Fire UTV unit after a fire.

Brush fire UTV and side by side ems skid units are now gaining popularity in many departments being utilized on fire department side by side chassis across the United States and the world. Often referred to Mini Emergency Rescue Vehicles (MERV) or side by side rescue vehicle in the ATV EMS skid unit mission area or fire side by side, fire rescue side by side or brush fire UTV on the fire-rescue mission side of things.

These off-road capable vehicles are also heavily utilized in urban and suburban areas as mini emergency response vehicles. From large cities to small, rural towns, it is now not uncommon to see an ATV medical transport or an ATV fire pump responding to a fire or medical emergency where larger fire trucks and ambulances cannot go. A fire department side by side will sometimes utilize a Polaris Fire UTV or a Polaris EMS UTV to respond to an incident. Of course the KIMTEK FIRELITE and MEDLITE Transport rescue side by side UTV skid units will fit most major make and model UTV chassis available today such as Kawasaki, Can Am, John Deere Gator, Mahindra, Gravely Atlas, Bobcat, Honda, Intimidator and many more make for great chassis to create a UTV emergency vehicle.

KIMTEK Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturing of public safety skid units for UTV’s including fire rescue, UTV ems skid unit and law enforcement applications.

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