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KIMTEK® Marks 35 Years Of Innovation

35 Years of Excellence

January 10, 2019 - Orleans, VT –– KIMTEK Corp, makers of MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transport skid units for off-road rescue and wildland firefighting, have announced plans to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary with a number of events planned throughout 2019. KIMTEK Transport skid units fit easily into most utility vehicles and pick-up trucks, enabling first responders to travel over rough terrain and through tight clearances with essential fire and/or medical rescue equipment and attendants. Markets have responded enthusiastically, resulting in record demand for KIMTEK products around the globe.


KIMTEK® Adds Mahindra UTVs to its Rescue Skid Unit Options

Mahindra UTV with FST-204

January 3, 2019 - Orleans, VT –– KIMTEK Corp recently announced that its MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® slide-in transport skid units are compatible with Mahindra mPACT and Retriever 750 and 1000 Long Bed and Flexhauler utility vehicles. Available in gas and diesel models, Mahindra mPACT and Retriever utility vehicles are known for versatility and an exclusive cargo box design that holds up to 1,200 lb, ideal for supporting KIMTEK's entire line of UTV transport skid units designed specifically for off-road medical and fire rescue operations. KIMTEK's Mahindra-compatible transport skid units come in entry, intermediate, and advanced level equipment options and are custom built to user specifications. All units ship fully assembled.


KIMTEK® Announces Upgrades with Mercedes Booster Hose and Draft Kits

Honda Pioneer 1000-3 with Firelite

January 12, 2018 - Orleans, VT –– KIMTEK Corp, makers of MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transport skid units for off-road rescue and wildland firefighting, today announced a new relationship with Mercedes Textiles, Canadian manufacturers of firefighting systems including fire hoses, couplings, adapters, accessories, and fire pumps. KIMTEK has made Mercedes Boostlite® non-collapsible reel booster hose the new standard on all its UTV and Truck FIRELITE® skid units that feature the Hannay 4000 series reels. Heavy duty and kink resistant even at low pressure, Mercedes Boostlite hose weighs an average of 30 lb less than rubber jacketed booster hose. This state-of-the-art addition represents another top-of-the-line fixture to KIMTEK's long list of trusted product offerings available on its skid units, already including W.S. Darley pumps, Hannay reels, Scotty foam systems, and others.


KIMTEK® Announces Full Compatibility with Can-Am Defender and Can-Am Defender Max

Honda Pioneer 1000-3 with Firelite

October 24, 2017 - Orleans, VT –– KIMTEK Corp, makers of MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transport skid units for off-road rescue and wildland firefighting, announce the full compatibility of their top-selling line of UTV-based skid units with Can-Am Defender and Can-Am Defender Max (crew) side-by-side UTVs. The Defender's rugged cargo bed with 1,000-pound capacity and overall strong suspension and frame make it a suitable choice for first responders throughout public safety and service sectors in the United States, Canada, and well beyond.


All-Terrain Ambulance

Honda Pioneer 1000-3 with Firelite

June 22, 2017 -- Belgium –– Whilst overseas in Belgium with Event Medical Service Oost-Vlaanderen, we took the opportunity to be involved in a series of demonstrations with our ATV's, which made the local news. Here, you can see ATV Ambulance in full operation. This really gives you an insight into how our ATV's can become an invaluable asset to your off road event. (this is a demonstration and the patient is an actor)

Click here to view the Video.

KIMTEK's MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transports are a Perfect Fit for the new Honda Pioneer 1000-3

Honda Pioneer 1000-3 with Firelite

September 20, 2016 - Orleans, VT –– In its continued expansion into side-by-side utility vehicles, the newly introduced Honda Pioneer 1000-3 readily accommodates the KIMTEK MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® skid units. The Honda Pioneer 1000-3 has a cargo bed capacity of 1,000 pounds, allowing enough capacity to carry most of the UTV skid units KIMTEK currently offers.


KIMTEK marks another record sales year

Kimtek Firelite compact utv

August, 2016 - Orleans, VT –– KIMTEK® Corporation has just announced record sales for its fiscal year ending July 2016. Makers of FIRELITE® and MEDLITE® Transport Skid Units for UTV side-by-side vehicles and pick-up trucks, KIMTEK reports a healthy revenue increase over last year. The company attributes another period of record growth to the introduction of new products as well as expansion into multiple new markets resulting in increased sales overseas.


KIMTEK Unveils new FIRELITE® Compact Wildfire UTV Skid Unit

Kimtek on edarley's website

April 27, 2016 - Orleans, VT –– KIMTEK® Corporation has just introduced the FCW-206 FIRELITE® Compact Wildfire UTV Skid Unit, the latest addition to its popular line of wildland fire skid units designed exclusively for UTV side-by-side vehicles. New for 2016, the Firelite FCW-206 maintains a small footprint base, just 48" wide by 34" long, enabling it to fit easily into larger UTV side-by-side cargo boxes with the tailgate closed. Ideal for first response UTVs that require no additional storage room or patient transport capacity, the FCW-206 is an ultra-compact yet powerful quick attack slip on fire skid.


KIMTEK Line of UTV Transport Skid Units now offered on W.S. Darley Website

Kimtek on edarley's website

January 28, 2016 - Orleans, VT –– W.S. Darley’s e-commerce website now features the KIMTEK® MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® line of transport skid units custom designed for UTVs. The addition of KIMTEK's products on the Darley website provides customers with more options for purchasing UTV-based skid units specifically designed for off-road EMS, medical, and firefighting applications.


Kimtek's MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transports are a Perfect Fit for the new Gravely Atlas JSV-3000 and JSV-6000

FDH on Gravely Atlas JSV

November 30, 2015 - Orleans, VT –– In its new expansion into side-by-side utility vehicles, Gravely/Ariens Company has introduced the 2015 Gravely Atlas, a new UTV model that readily accommodates the Kimtek MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transport skid units. The Atlas JSV-3000 and JSV-6000 crew gas and diesel model UTVs each have a cargo bed capacity of an astounding 1,250 pounds, allowing enough capacity to carry any of the nine UTV skid units KIMTEK currently offers.


KIMTEK Expands into Second Facility

Kimeks new Orleans Facility

October 2015 - Orleans, VT –– Kimball Johnson, founder and president of KIMTEK Corporation, has announced the purchase of a second facility in Orleans, Vermont where production of the company's full line of MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® transport skid units will continue and expand. Custom designed for ATV, UTV, and pick-up trucks, KIMTEK's slide-in medical, fire and rescue skid units are sold worldwide.


Kimtek Builds Special K9 Platform for Local Sheriff's Department

Orleans K9 unit

August 2014 – KIMTEK was contacted by Orleans County Sheriff, Kirk Martin, regarding a K9 platform to be built in one of their existing cruisers. As huge supporters of local law enforcement, KIMTEK President, Kimball Johnson, honorably agreed to the job.

K9 Kilo joined the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department in early August of 2014 and will be trained by Officer Jacobs as a Narcotic Detection Dog for Orleans County. Drug-crimes are on the rise in the community so having a K9 added to the department’s team is a huge asset to our county.

KIMTEK personnel were able to remove the existing rear seats of the SUV cruiser and using aluminum tubing, aluminum diamond plate, and soft rubber matting, constructed a flat surface area for K9 Kilo to comfortably lie while being transported in the vehicle.


KIMTEK CORPORATION Web Site Now Has Direct Link To GSA Advantage!

GSA Advantage

October 1, 2014 - Westmore, Vermont –– KIMTEK CORPORATION is pleased to announce that all our U.S. Military, Department of Defense (DOD), National Park Service (NPS), Department of Interior, state department and other federal agencies wanting to purchase the KIMTEK medical MEDLITE Transport and fire/rescue FIRELITE Transport skid units that are eligible to purchase off from the GSA (General Services Agency) contracts will now find an easy direct link to GSA Advantage web site right from the KIMTEK web site.


Valley Ambulance Services purchases new UTV to help paramedics

Valley Ambulance UTV with Medlite

February 10, 2014 - Scottsbluff, Nebraska –– Valley Ambulance Services in Scottsbluff has added a new utility vehicle to its team that will make transporting patients from an accident to ambulance easier.

The vehicle is called the MEDLITE transport.


Kimtek's MEDLITE™ Transport a Perfect Fit for 2014 Yamaha Viking

Yamaha Viking with Medlite Transport

January 10, 2014 – In its new lineup of larger side-by-side utility vehicles, Yamaha Motor Corporation has introduced the 2014 Yamaha Viking, a new UTV model that readily accommodates the Kimtek MEDLITE™ Transport skid units. The Viking FI 4X4 and the FI 4X4 EPS UTVs each have a cargo bed capacity of 600 pounds, ideally suited to carry the MEDLITE transport unit with attendant, patient, and gear.


Fire Department Unveils New Trail Units

News video unveiling new trail units

March 27, 2013 - Fayetteville, AR –– Fayetteville’s new Trail Response Units give firefighters the tools to get to remote locations and city trails to help save lives. The bigger fire trucks don’t have access to these spots.

Click here or on image to view the Video.

Kimtek’s FIRELITE® SUPERMAX Delivers More Water - Designed for quick response with an 85 gallon capacity

Supermax FST

October 24, 2011 - Westmore, Vermont –– KIMTEK Corporation has introduced the new FIRELITE® SUPERMAX Transport compact skid unit for ATV/UTVs. For customers interested in larger tank sizes, Kimtek has designed the FIRELITE SUPERMAX with safety in mind. The SUPERMAX allows departments to meet their water capacity needs while not exceeding ATV/UTV cargo bed capacities. FIRELITE skid units offer a versatile, cost effective quick response solution for remote and facility fire service use. Rugged and rustproof, the lightweight slip-in fire skid unit offers quality construction at an affordable cost.


A Piece of 9-11 History

9-11 Memorial Display by Kimtek

September 11, 2011 - Westmore, Vermont –– KIMTEK CORPORATION was honored to be given the task of building a permanent display case for a piece of 9-11 history. A 105 pound I-Beam which was part of one of the World Trade Center towers had been donated to Barton Ambulance in Barton, VT. The case was built of aluminum diamond plate, tubing, stainless steel and plexiglass. It gives the viewer a five sided view of the entire I-Beam while protecting it from the elements and human touch given the contaminates that are still on the I-Beam. The display case was built to allow for hand transport to different venues for display so 4 stainless steel handles were added for ease of carrying the case.


MEDLITE® fits where the MEDBED® doesn’t!

Gator Rescue Unit replaces MedBed

August 18, 2011 - Westmore, Vermont –– BREAKING NEWS: MEDLITE® fits where the MEDBED® doesn’t! It is no secret that the previous producer of the John Deere Gator MEDBED® is not producing a medical slip on skid unit for the newly designed plastic composite beds that are standard on all new 2011 John Deere Gator™ 825i, 625i, 855D, HPX, T model 6x4, and M Gator A-1. KIMTEK has the perfect product to take the place of the previous MEDBED™! Our MEDLITE® Gator Rescue Medical Bed has been placed on older John Deere Gators™ for many years. The MEDLITE® Transport for the John Deere Gator™ also fits the new cargo bed perfectly. Using the John Deere Gator™ with a medical bed for off-road rescue has been a staple in the emergency services arena for many years. As KIMTEK is the largest producer of UTV/ATV side by side slip on medical and fire-rescue skid units in the industry, we are proud to continue our 28 year tradition of offering quality products to the emergency services community specifically John Deere Gator™ owners and dealers across the nation.

Kimtek Marks Milestones in 2011

Shipment of Kimtek Units

July, 2011 - Westmore, Vermont –– KIMTEK Corp hit the ground running in 2011! The Vermont-based maker of modular skid units expanded its presence at home and around the world, offering rugged yet affordable options for fire and medical rescue at remote sites as well as large public venues.


Kimtek FIRELITE® ATV/UTV Skid Unit Build for Rugged Use - Designed for quick response in remote locations and high-traffic facilities

Sweerwater Fire Action

June 14, 2011 - Westmore, Vermont –– KIMTEK Corporation’s FIRELITE® Transport FDH-11 compact skid unit for ATV/UTVs offers a versatile, cost effective, quick response solution for remote and facility fire service use. Rugged and rust proof, this lightweight slip-in fire skid unit offers quality construction at an affordable cost.


Kimtek’s Pick-Up Based FIRELITE® Built for Versatility and Durability - Slip-in skid unit offers quick response at affordable cost

Pickup based Firelite

June, 2011 — Westmore, VT — KIMTEK Corporation's FIRELITE® Transport FDHP-11 compact skid unit for pick-up trucks offers a versatile, cost effective quick response solution for fire services. Rugged and rust proof, this lightweight slip-in fire skid unit offers quality construction at an affordable cost.


Kimtek Introduces New MEDLITE® MTB-11 Skid Unit - Basic, affordable unit turns any UTV into mini-ambulance

Jan, 8 2011 — Westmore, VT — KIMTEK Corporation has introduced the affordable MEDLITE® Transport Basic (MTB-11) emergency medical rescue slide-in skid unit for UTV vehicles. Designed by firefighters and emergency medical technicians for use by all public safety agencies, the MEDLITE® Transport Basic is designed to carry one patient on a long board or a stokes basket and one EMS attendant. The MTB-11’s universal design fits most UTV 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles such as the Polaris Ranger, Kubota RTV900, Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator and other off road vehicles.


Specialty U.S. Navy Ocean Rescue Unit

Navy Ocean Rescue Unit with MTD-10

December, 2010 — Westmore, VT — This specialty U.S. Navy Ocean Rescue unit was custom built for Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville Florida. It features the 2011 Polaris Ranger Crew with the full KIMTEK EUV conversion (Emergency Utility Vehicle) and the KIMTEK MEDLITE Transport MTD-10 mounted in the cargo area. This unit has a custom fitted ocean rescue surf board mounted on the roof for easy access by rescuers.

KIMTEK Ships 1000th Skid Unit - Exchanges first MEDLITE to go into service

Medlite Skid Unit 1000th shipped

November 1, 2010 — Westmore, VT — KIMTEK Corporation announced the shipment of their 1,000th skid unit to Calex Ambulance Service in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, the first agency to purchase a MEDLITE® unit. This commemorative 1,000th skid unit will be in service with Calex and the very first MEDLITE® will be returned to KIMTEK to be refurbished and displayed at the KIMTEK corporate headquarters.


Kimtek Introduces New MEDLITE EV Unit for Polaris Ranger EV - Clean green combo ideal for large gatherings in tight spaces

Medlite EV unit for clean green

November 26, 2010 — Westmore, VT — KIMTEK Corporation has introduced the MEDLITE® Transport EV, a custom skid unit designed for the new Polaris Ranger® EV. This powerful combination is a breakthrough for medical service agencies forced to work in tight crowds that do not want to expose patients, crews, and the public to noxious fumes associated with gas powered UTV units.


Kimtek MEDLITE Transport Used on Extreme Home Makeover Show - Supporting role with large crowds and high temperatures

GSA Advantage

September 7, 2010 — Westmore, VT — KIMTEK Corporation responded to a unique opportunity to support a medical response team and to serve on the set of Extreme Home Makeover (EHM) for a Pennsylvania family in need.


KIMTEK’s transport skid on the job in Sturbridge, Massachusetts - Town is home to national visitors attraction Old Sturbridge Village.

Valley Ambulance Service UTV

July 9, 2010 — Westmore, VT — KIMTEK Corporation of Vermont recently completed installation of one of its Firelite® Series Transport Skid Units for the Sturbridge (Massachusetts) Fire Department. According to Sturbridge Fire Chief Leonard E. Senecal, the KIMTEK Firelite Model FP-10 skid unit was purchased with a grant from the Department of Conservation and Recreation for use with its John Deere Gator™ utility vehicle.


Kimtek Integrates Top Brands for Quality and Value - Provides the right tools to protect the public

Kimtek units to protect public

May 28, 2010 - Westmore, Vermont - KIMTEK Corporation partners with the best fire equipment producers to provide added value to firefighters and those they protect. The company’s goal was to produce premium firefighting skid units for UTVs and pick-up beds. These products had to be high quality and reliable but at an affordable price.


Kimtek FIRELITE Foam System Multiplies Fire Control Effectiveness - Skid units take foam advantages to remote areas

Kimtek Foam System in action

April 1, 2010 - Westmore, Vermont - KIMTEK Corporation’s integrated “around-the-pump” foam system increases the fire control capacity of the company’s FIRELITE units providing firefighters greater effectiveness in remote or off-road firefighting situations. The rugged, lightweight FIRLITE wild land fire skid units offer quality construction at an affordable cost with foam systems designed for fast, flexible application.


Kimtek FIRELITE's - Keeping the Community Safe

Firelite fighting grass fire

April 2010 - FIRELITE FDH-10 ATV fire rescue transport skid units. On the right fighting a grass fire in Centennial, Colorado. (Below) fighting a grass fire in High River Alberta, Canada

Kimtek Supplies FIRELITE Transports to U.S. Army - Units to see service in Afghanistan

Firelites shipped to US Army

December 16, 2009 - Westmore, Vermont - KIMTEK Corporation announced a significant order of their FIRELITE units for service with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. The company manufactured and shipped ten of their top of the line FIRELITE Transport FDH-09 skid units to fit Military Polaris and John Deere Gator 6x6 UTVs.


Kimtek MEDLITE and FIRELITE Units Fit 2010 Polaris Ranger 6x6 - Enhances cost effectiveness, flexible use of vehicle

2010 Polaris Ranger 6x6 fits kimtek rescue units

October 9, 2009 - Westmore, Vermont - KIMTEK Corporation announced their MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transport skids continue to fit the newly re-designed 2010 Polaris Ranger 6x6. The new vehicle, with its greater payload capacity and increased storage space, combined with Kimtek’s rugged, tested skid units make this combination a great value for public safety departments.


Superbowl XLIII Experience

Rescue units at the superbowl

February, 2009 - Westmore, Vermont - KIMTEK Corporation was honored to have four of our FIRELITE Transport and MEDLITE Transport Systems at this year's 2009 Superbowl XLIII in Tampa FL. Tampa Fire-Rescue purchased two FIRELITE FDHP-09 units with foam and electric rewind options and one MEDLITE MTD-09 unit all to be placed in Tampa Fire-Rescue owned Kubota RTV 900's. Also on hand for this large event was the newly developed FDHP-09 pickup skid unit. This is the 2nd year in a row that KIMTEK products have been in service at a Superbowl event, 2 FIRELITE Transports were in Phoenix-Glendale in 2008.


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