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KIMTEK Skid Units – Same Great Products – Many Different Missions!

Grass fire in a rural area.

From time to time we here at KIMTEK come across customers who create and implement new uses for our MEDLITE Transport and FIRELITE Transports for UTV side by sides and pickup trucks.

Rural land owners such as ranchers are concerned with fire prevention and being good land stewards, they concentrate on fuels reduction on their property to assist with controlling grass fires or wildfires if one should occur. This is a small-scale fire control being done around the country and is very successful.

On a larger scale, DNR or Department of Natural Resources agencies across the United States utilize our KIMTEK skid units as a professional grade skid unit capable of carrying fire retardant (water, foam) while also carrying drip torches to facilitate prescribed burning of large acreage areas to eliminate fuels on lands that accumulate from year to year. Military firefighting agencies also utilize KIMTEK skid units for the same purposes as ranchers who utilize the slip-on units as personal firefighting equipment and DNR agencies who bring another level of expertise to fighting fuel loads and risks around military installations. As KIMTEK skid units are used by all branches of the U.S. Military all over the world, these military grade units have been military proven in some of the toughest spots on earth.

Last but not least, we are seeing increased use of our Medlite and Firelite Transports being used in SAR (search and rescue) and mountain rescue operations covering a variety of terrain and in many diverse regions of the country. All KIMTEK skid units have a litter platform where they are able to transport a patient on a long board or stokes basket.

So, same great time tested skid units with more and more uses!

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