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KIMTEK portable firefighting skids for UTVs and pick-up trucks provide affordable, professional-grade fire prevention and protection for rural land owners, land stewards, fire service personnel and the military. When you need fire protection during prescribed burning, spot-fire suppression, mop-up, fuels reduction or any other form of small-scale fire control, the KIMTEK FIRELITE Transport is the answer.

Naplesfirerescue Expanded Uses

The KIMTEK® FIRELITE® is a portable firefighting skid unit for firefighters, land owners, and land stewards alike. The goal is to prevent unwanted fires from occurring and, if they do happen, to put them out quickly before they escalate into something more significant. They are excellent for fire mitigation and suppression.

KIMTEK Firelite Transports are built to be a “Quick Attack” apparatus. This term is used in the firefighting industry to describe response vehicles that are smaller and lighter than their full-size counterparts, such as engines, brush trucks and water tenders. Quick attack skid units are designed and built for immediate response, so they can hopefully knock down a fire before it grows to any significant size.

The KIMTEK FIRELITE and MEDLITE Transport product line has been around for years and they are basically scaled-down fire and medical slip-on skids for side-by-side UTVs. Our units are all aluminum diamondplate, aluminum tubing and stainless-steel plumbing with brass valves which makes our KIMTEK skid units better than any of our competitors because they are extremely lightweight and durable, an excellent candidate for a quick attack rural fire response unit of this type.

KIMTEK skid units are quick-attack, professional-grade, lightweight rural firefighting equipment for fire departments, industrial fire brigades, the military and ambulance services, land owners and land stewards are available today, and affordable. KIMTEK skid units are sold worldwide, and every year the number of units produced has grown significantly over the previous year.

Our goal with the KIMTEK product line is simple: Provide multiple agencies with a small, capable fire prevention tool in order to help keep fire under control. For rural dwellers, the local fire department may be several miles away. There is no replacement for fire response professionals, but there is no more helpless feeling than watching a fire grow out of control while waiting for first responders to arrive. So often, with the right equipment on hand, significant fires can be avoided.

With KIMTEK, you can take steps to help prevent fires from happening by having the system on-site during control burns, vegetation clearing, tree-cutting, and any other land management activities that have the potential to spark a fire.

The KIMTEK FIRELITE Transport is the perfect tool to have on-site to help prevent an uncontrolled outbreak of fire.

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