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Is Your Police Force Ready For Summer Crowd Control?

Search Party with UTV

Your police force must be ready for any type of emergency situation during the summertime. From crowd control to rescue operations, the right equipment can make a huge difference. That’s why KIMTEK Corporation offers high-quality, state-of-the-art LEOLITE police UTV vehicle skids that can turn your UTV into police side-by-side tactical carriers.

LEOLITE For Efficient Operations

ATV and UTV vehicles are incredibly maneuverable, with the ability to help law enforcement personnel both on and off-road. Using an agile police UTV equipped with a LEOLITE skid can help make your operations more efficient. LEOLITE skids are easily attached to existing police UTV and ATV vehicles.

Our Skid Features Make Crowd Control Easier

Skids include seats and additional features, such as a patient carrying module. Other skids are specially designed to carry K9 companions, which is important during certain operations such as searching for narcotics or while in pursuit of a suspect.

LEOLITE skids can help improve the efficiency of certain operations including:

  • Crowd Control During Riots, Protests, Concerts, Or Events
  • Beach Patrol & Lifeguarding
  • Rescue Operations
  • K-9 Operations
  • Patrol Within Military Bases

Police UTV Vehicles For Added Safety

During a rescue mission involving a medical emergency, having easy access to rescue equipment such as a stretcher board and first aid kit is crucial. Having a LEOLITE unit allows you to have access to all of your equipment during highly stressful missions, such as search and rescue operations or even outdoor concerts.

Organized & Efficient Personal Carriers

LEOLITE skids make it easy to turn your existing ATV or UTV into an organized personal carrier. Our units also come with seats, so any passengers during a rescue mission or additional law enforcement personnel have a safe area to sit.

Help Improve On and Off-Road Operations With LEOLITE

If you want to improve your police force security, efficiency, and ability to complete missions with ease, LEOLITE skids are a must-have for any UTV or ATV. The experienced techs at KIMTEK Corporation can help you choose the right skid for your needs and talk to your dealer to help you get a package and have your unit installed.

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