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Fighting Forest Fire

Mobile attacks on wildfires are the first steps to stopping wildfires before they get out of control. Because many wildfires begin in hard-to-access areas, UTVs with firefighting skid units are becoming the essential tools many departments use to combat them.

Who Needs A Firefighting Skid Unit?

Any organization that may need to begin a wildfire mobile attack quickly will find a KIMTEK skid unit to be an essential part of their fire-fighting equipment.

  • Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Wildlife Services
  • Forest Rangers
  • State Parks
  • Tribal Agencies

Turn Your UTV Into A Firefighting Machine

KIMTEK’s slip-on firefighting units will turn your UTVs into small but powerful fire trucks when you need extra mobility in your fire-fighting efforts.

  • Ample Hose Storage
  • Stainless Steel Grab Bars
  • Stainless Steel & Brass Pump Valves
  • Davey 6.5 HP, Pacer, or Mercedes Wick-100 Pumps
  • Boostlite Booster Hose (100 Feet Of ¾ Inch Or 50 Feet Of 1 Inch)
  • Integrated 55 Or 70 Gallon Poly Water Tank
  • Aluminum Diamond-Plate Components

Check Out Our Wide Range Of Firefighting Skid Units

Find the specific features your department needs in our wide range of fire pump skid models. Several of our units include rescue capability.

Built To Last

Budget-minded firefighting departments will appreciate our rugged quality. You can trust KIMTEK to give you capable and durable equipment at the best prices.

Skid Units For Every Terrain

Whether you need to maneuver in a tight space or reach a remote location quickly, we can help you respond to wildfires and brushfires quickly. You will be able to handle any terrain, from forest to desert to the prairie to snow.

Call Us Before You Purchase A New UTV

Call KIMTEK before you purchase a UTV. We can help you select a vehicle with the proper weight carrying capacity to support the KIMTEK product you need. We can even negotiate a package deal with the vehicle and the skid unit.

KIMTEK: Your Source For Dependable Skid Units

As the largest producer of skid units in the world, we are proud of our affordable range of quality products. We take customer service seriously before, during, and after the sale, and we ship worldwide. Call us today to begin choosing the model your department requires.

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Our Products

We are proud to make the vehicle skids that support first repsponders. Browse our products from each line – fire, medical, and law enforcement – below.

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