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Compact Vehicles For Hard-To-Reach Fires

FIRELITE Lake Patrol

At KIMTEK Corporation, we serve emergency responders across the country and ship worldwide. Our team works with local dealers to offer package deals on a variety of UTV skid models. KIMTEK Corporation is the world’s largest producer of skids and we are dedicated to supporting Firefighters and first responders. Our compact rigs are great for taking the firefight to difficult-to-reach places.

Why Choose A Compact Vehicle For Hard To Reach Fires

  1. Fire Department UTVs Are Budget Friendly
  2. Agility – A UTV Can Scout Areas On Fire Watch
  3. Versatility For Different Types Of Events
  4. Ship Fully Assembled

1. Budget-Friendly Flexibility

Wildfire skid units have been deployed to public lands and forests for some time. Slide-in skid units allow your department to outfit the compact rigs in a manner suitable for your team’s mission. Departments may opt to purchase more than one compact unit instead of a larger, less nimble truck. With a skid unit fire pump aboard one UTV, and another UTV set up with a rescue area for Stokes basket transport, your crew can be more efficient in the field.

2. Agility – ATVs Are Excellent For Fire Watches

An ATV can take personnel out into the backcountry to patrol an area and keep an eye out for fires in the dry seasons. Scouting arid areas in a windy or low humidity season are paramount to staying on top of potential hazards. Firefighters working a controlled burn can also benefit from moving quickly down the fire line with one of these agile vehicles.

3. Versatility For Different Events

Compact fire vehicles are also on standby at various events in our urban centers. In the event of a fire, these UTV units can quickly access narrow egresses in a campus or concert environment with impressive fire suppression equipment as well as patient rescue capabilities mounted on board. We can outfit your compact rig with an Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water system.

4. Fire Skids Ship Fully Assembled

Be ready to get to hard-to-reach places with the equipment you need in minutes or hours instead of days. Our FIRELITE® Skid units ship fully assembled and ready to install.

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As the world’s largest skid manufacturer, KIMTEK Corporation supports first responders around the world. Regardless of the mission, our team is standing by to help you to outfit your crew with versatile and agile compact firefighting vehicles. Call us today for more information on the rigs in our product line.

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