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Campus Patrol Tips For High Schools & Colleges


KIMTEK Corporation knows that the security of high schools and colleges nationwide is a priority. Security officers must be vigilant and prepared for emergencies. Here are a few tips for school and college campus safety officers:

Visibility Is Key For Campus Security

Law enforcement presence gives students and staff members a bit of reassurance. They want to see their campus police officers in uniform and ready to respond to any issues. You want to be approachable, confident, and capable.

Stay Informed To Meet Today’s Challenges

Be aware of potential issues and situations. It’s essential to attend current training that prepares you for today’s challenges.

Police SUVs Make Mobility Easier

A safety utility vehicle may be your greatest tool. It allows you to move quickly around the campus, transporting yourself and all the safety accessories you need. Choose a skid unit that fits your needs.

Maintain Contact With Key Staff Members

Stay in contact with the administration and staff of your campus. As you receive training and become aware of resources, share your knowledge. Attend planning meetings and be informed of campus issues.

Stock Police UTVs With Supplies For Emergencies

Keep your safety utility vehicle stocked with all the supplies you might need. Keep a list of contacts handy, with all the names and numbers you need in an emergency.

KIMTEK Corporation Skid Units

Campus police officers need their safety UTV to be outfitted for their specific location. Check out the lineup of KIMTEK’s LEOLITE law enforcement skids:

Features Of Police UTV Skid Units

Turn your UTV into a police side-by-side personnel carrier. You can count on features such as:

  • All Aluminum Tubing & Diamond Plate Chassis
  • Removable Officer Seats
  • Stainless Steel Grab Bars
  • Lockable Storage Box For Ammunition & Firearms
  • Storage Rack To Bungee Cord Duffle Bags, Etc.
  • Removable Patient Carrier
  • Removable Canine Box

Dependable Skid Units For Every Scenario

KIMTEK Corporation is the largest producer of skid units in the world. We work directly with emergency agencies to choose the skid units they need for their specific location and terrain. We can also work with your local UTV dealership to get a package price for your UTV and your skid unit.

Enhance Campus Security With UTVs and Skid Units

Browse our selection of law enforcement UTV skid units online, and give us a call to discuss your individual needs. We can help you prepare for and cope with the security needs of your campus.

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