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Fire Brush Truck

Fire departments can build their own affordable brush trucks on a pickup truck or flatbed base by installing a KIMTEK skid. As the world’s largest manufacturer of skids, KIMTEK Corporation is committed to supporting firefighters and first responders. We provide a variety of UTV skids, and we will work with local dealers to get you a package deal. We serve emergency responders across the country and ship worldwide.

KIMTEK’s Fire Brush Rescue Skids Are:

  • Durable
  • Slips Onto Your Truck
  • Low-Cost Options
  • Easy To Build

Durable Construction

KIMTEK uses diamond plate construction in its skid unit designs. This creates a durable foundation for the equipment that the units can carry when deployed to a fire. We build these units to last and perform reliably under the pressure of life or death missions.

Any Truck + Our Fire Skid Units = Fire Brush Truck

Your flatbed or pickup trucks are all you’ll need to get started building your fire brush truck. Our fire rescue skids and fire skid units are designed to slip into the bed of an existing truck, whether short bed or long bed, in addition to your flatbed model.

Skid Options

The 300 Series

Our 300 Series truck skid units are very popular. They sport a lightweight all-aluminum diamond plate chassis, as does the 400 Series, which will simply slip onto a variety of truck beds. This series offers high-pressure pumps with one of 4 pump configurations. Choose from our 125, 160, or 200-gallon configurations.

The 400 Series

A great feature of the 400 Series is the CAT Ultra High Pressure (UHP) pump system. The lightweight all-aluminum slip-on chassis and diamond plate construction are consistent in quality, and further upgrade options are available. Ask about our pump and electric reel upgrades and the option to outfit your skid with a rescue area for patient transport and rescue in off-road situations. Storage for hose and tools can be added for a charge, and your brush truck can be outfitted as you need.

Low Cost Means Savings Of Time & Money

Stay within your department’s budget by building the fire skid units or fire rescue skids that your crew actually needs instead of spending funds on a specialized, single-use piece of equipment that doesn’t have many uses. Because the KIMTEK arrives pre-assembled, there will be no time wasted on troubleshooting. Your low-cost rescue and fire vehicle will be easy to use and ready for deployment.

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Our team at KIMTEK Corporation has the equipment you need to build your fire brush truck at an affordable price to round out your fire department’s fleet. We serve emergency responders across the country and ship around the globe. Call us today for a free quote.

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