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Limit call times for your beach rescues – add a UTV with MEDLITE® Transport to your apparatus line up!

Medlite Beach Rescue

September 3, 2014 - It isn’t every day that an employee of Kimtek Corporation gets to have first-hand experience of watching the products they design, build, and sell every day in a real-life scenario. As circumstances would have it, that happened to our President, Kimball Johnson, our Business Manager, Chelsea Cummings, and our Shop Foreman, Dan Cummings while they enjoyed the beautiful area of Wells Beach, Maine this summer.

Many beach-goers rose from their seats to get a better glimpse of Wells Beach lifeguards rushing to the side of an adolescent who seemed to have injured himself while playing in the ocean. Within minutes, ambulance sirens were upon us and further down the beach neared a Beach Rescue Utility Vehicle.

As the Polaris Ranger 6x6 rounded closer, a Kimtek MEDLITE Transport Deluxe MTD-103 appeared in the rear cargo bed. The lifeguards and ambulance crew of the Wells Beach Emergency Services were able to attend to the patient quickly, load him in a stokes basket, and secure the patient to the rescue area of the MEDLITE. The ambulance attendant was able to tend to the patient while they moved closer to the awaiting ambulance.

Medlite Beach Rescue

The validation received while watching this call pan out was amazing. The ambulance was unable to reach the beach, while the UTV swiftly, safely, and easily maneuvered through the large crowd on the beach, reaching the patient in a very timely manner. The MEDLITE housed the supplies needed to attend to the patient, allowing care to be initiated sooner and the call to be completed quicker than if the UTV/MEDLITE team were not on scene.

Victim retrieval from off-road situations too tight for larger rescue apparatus has posed a large problem to agencies world-wide. KIMTEK has seen a marked rise in requests for patient transport for beach settings. UTVs with MEDLITE Transports utilized for beach transport and rescues have become a norm for many urban and rural agencies with jurisdiction including larger beaches.

We commend the hard work and efforts the lifeguards and ambulance crews commit to their duties and send well wishes to the patient injured.

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