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Maintenance UTVs Ski Resorts

First responders rely on maintenance UTVs in all sorts of emergency situations – search and rescue missions, medical emergency response, firefighting, and more. These versatile and rugged compact vehicles are capable of navigating through the harsh winter months or for your busy ski resort. From maintaining trails in the spring to reaching remote parts of your property, a side-by-side could help your crews stop struggling with the oversized pickup.

Maintenance UTVs VS Traditional Trucks In The Winter

In the winter, when the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, the outside world changes dramatically. There are many advantages to using UTVs in the winter over traditional trucks.

  • Trails covered in snow
  • Lakes that are frozen
  • Getting snowed in is never an issue

Reach Remote Ski Trails With Ease

Have you been intending to widen the path on a slope, but only your best skiers can fit through the narrow path?

Your fleet of pickups is over six-feet wide. A UTV can slip through an opening just 50 inches wide. When you add ski resort skid units to the back, now you can bring along the chainsaws and shovels needed to eliminate scrub trees and bushes. Your crew rides in comfort and won’t be worn out before they begin their task.

Hauling Maintenance Equipment Without The Big Truck

How can you get your gear up the slope to conduct repairs on the ski lift? The UTV will zip right up the hill carrying up to 1,000 pounds of parts, tools, and supplies. Wildland skid units improve your capability with the means to carry water, hoses, shovels, and gear.

  • Variety Of Skid Designs For Your Specific Needs
  • Ample Storage
  • Grab Bars
  • Able To Support Pumps & Generators

Downsizing to one or more UTVs actually can make repairing storm damage easier and faster when you aren’t fighting with a full-size off-road machine.

Rescue Side By Side Speeds Up First Aid & Treatment

Have you ever pulled an injured skier down the slope using just manpower? While the team works together to physically transport the individual, it is impossible to monitor their condition. A MEDLITE Transport by KIMTEK Corporation completes your rescue side by side. It offers a place for the patient and an EMT to ride safely and comfortably on the way to the ambulance. Your med-tech can start treating sooner, which can help mitigate a serious injury.

Finding The Right Unit To Complete Your Maintenance UTV

Contact KIMTEK Corporation to add maintenance UTVs to add to the security of your busy ski resort. In order to support your crew and customers through the whole season, we will discuss what you need from your equipment.

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