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Fire safety is vital in commercial buildings, and this reminder is particularly important for stadiums and large sporting events where there are often large crowds. You want to ensure everyone enjoys their visit and is protected while they are there. In case of a fire, many people will need to evacuate quickly.

A Guide To Fire Safety At Sporting Events

Take these necessary precautions to ensure your guests are safe.

  1. Follow Current Fire Codes
  2. Invest In A Quality Alarm System
  3. Sprinkler Systems Should Be Installed
  4. Provide Staff With Fire Safety Training & Protocols
  5. Safety and protective features of any cooking equipment

1. Keep Up-To-Date With Stadium Fire Codes

You should follow the fire codes when planning a sporting event. There will be local codes to follow regardless of where your stadium is located that will typically include certain requirements such as:

  • Max stadium capacity
  • Number and size of exit and entry points
  • Quality of sprinkler and alarm system
  • Safety and protective features of any cooking equipment

2. Plans Should Be In Place For Evacuation

It is imperative to have an evacuation plan when there are so many people in a stadium at once. If there is a fire, it can lead to a lot of chaos. In a fire or other emergency situation, staff following a plan can help with crowd control and allow people to flow out more efficiently.

3. Invest In A Quality Alarm System

A sporting event can be very loud, particularly in a packed arena where there is a lot of excitement. In fact, it can be so loud that it can be hard to hear an alarm unless it is very loud. Because of this, you should have a quality alarm system that interacts with speakers and displays all over the stadium for a rapid response. It should also contact the local fire department.

4. Install A Sprinkler System

Your stadium should also have a full sprinkler system located throughout any interior corridors. These sprinklers can help to put out active fires and can slow the progression until first responders arrive.

5. Employees On Fire Safety Protocols

Fire safety and proper first response should be a top priority for all employees. Your team, particularly those working in a kitchen, should know their own specific requirements for preventing fire. They should also be aware of your evacuation plan to provide support in case of an emergency.

6. Obtain Your Own Rescue Vehicles

A large stadium with space to accommodate should also have an onsite rescue ATV or rescue UTV. These vehicles often resemble standard pickup trucks but are equipped with a skid-mounted firefighting unit. These units will include water tanks, hoses, and other tools that are necessary to help fight it before it gets out of control.

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When you are looking for a UTV or ATV, KIMTEK Corporation offers various firefighting skid units. These truck skids are durable and have all of the equipment you need to improve overall fire safety. Get in touch with us to learn more about our truck skids and other firefighting and prevention solutions.

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